And So It Begins

My day today: SFWA board meeting, 9am – 2pm. Prep for Chicon 7 Opening Ceremonies, 2pm – 3pm. Opening Ceremonies for Chicon 7, at which I am host, 3pm – 4pm. SFWA board meeting, 4pm – 6pm. Opening night get together at the Adler Planetarium, 6:30 – onward.

Yeah, it’ll be a busy day. A supercoolawesome day, because, dude, I am Toastmaster of a friggin’ Worldcon. And that’s just about as awesome as it gets. But I won’t be about here, all day long. Sorry. Real live world takes precedence for once.

If you’re at Chicon 7, come to the opening ceremonies. We’ll have tons of fun. If you’re not here at Chicon 7, I hope you have a fun day anyway.

30 Comments on “And So It Begins”

  1. It sounds fantastic, and yes, tons of fun. Did Krissy come with you on this trip? If so, hope you have a chance to dance with your wife.

  2. I have every confidence that your toasting skills are equal to the task, and I’m watching the Paralympics here in London which is pretty awesome as well. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see people pushing the limits…

  3. Has anyone come up to you and said What a coincidence, I’m the Jammaster! We should get together.
    Because that would amuse me.
    I’m easily amused.

  4. Nice badge, dude. Have a great time!

    Not to worry. People will be liveblogging or summing up overnight, and I might still win the lottery, if I can remember to buy a ticket. Or, of course, I could teleport. ;-)

  5. Gulliver @10:53:
    All they need now is the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper.
    Hijinks ensues.

  6. Got up early for screening for colon cancer. Test was good. Not exactly fun, but since it killed both my father and his mother, it was important.

  7. Il have men with marmalade and a poached egg. Oh, not THAT that kind of TOASTMASTER? Ne-ver-mind…

  8. Il have men with marmalade and a poached egg.

    *sets chin on hands* Something you’d like to tell us, Scorpius?

  9. I’ve found Apple iOS devices to be excellent judges of character…very accurate virtual keyboards.

  10. I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW that men go very well with marmalade and poached eggs.

    Just sayin’


  11. That is one packed schedule. Best of luck. Hopefully there’s enough Coke Zero in Chicago to help you power through.

    On a slight aside, I am very much looking forward to the live stream of the Hugo ceremony this weekend. I’ll be making homemade popcorn and being slightly jealous that I couldn’t be there in person, but also being very happy I can see it at all.

  12. So I sat in the front row for the opening ceremonies. (Trying not to squeee)
    My father was amazed. He had no idea that the opening ceremony would be half that interesting. (He has been going to world con for years, but never hit the opening.)
    I had to keep explaining who this new young author was.

    I have to say, Scalzi was Scalzi.
    And WOW, the Hugo looked amazing!!

  13. if for no other reason it is very refreshing that there is no lopsided post about the rnc.

  14. K.W. Ramsey: That badge looks friggen awesome! Is it a one-of-a-kind for you because you’re the TOASTMASTER or is that the standard con-badge?

    In general at cons, everybody gets the same badge artwork. It’s the ribbons that differentiate people’s roles. Some have ribbons taped to ribbons trailing down to around the knees.

  15. Words cannot express what a great Toastmaster John was. Pictures are not much better. I was there. My wife watched from the Chicon web page. There was some glitches between the Hugo Award Ceremony and Chicon’s webmaster (or someone), so my wife had zero audio, and the show cut off before the ending.

  16. “There is a hole in your mind.”

    Sorry. I just have to say that whenever I hear or see “And so it begins.” It’s a rule. Even when I’m late to the party.

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