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A Picture of an American Flag, Plus a Question

It’s my American flag, actually. As for the question: Leaving aside your own country’s flag, what’s your favorite national flag, purely on vexillological grounds? Confine yourself to current flags of currently existing countries, please. I’m partial to the Estonian flag, myself: And, yes, it’s another busy writing day around here. How can you tell?

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And Thus It Begins

I wrote, on Twitter: A half hour later, from Wil Wheaton, there is this: Oh, Wil. (Shakes head sadly.) Now you’ve done it. (Heads down to the BASEMENT OF RETRIBUTION) Update, 8:54: Wil responds thusly: To which I respond: Oh, yeah. SMOKING GUN, baby. Update, 9:17: I did not make this following video. But it ASKS THE […]

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The Big Idea: Malinda Lo

Birds have often been painted as harbingers of troubled times. In her new novel Adaptation, Malinda Lo might say “Friend, you have no idea.” She explains why below. Watch the skies! MALINDA LO: The idea for my new novel, Adaptation, came to me in a dream. I know, I know. Such a cliche, right? But […]

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