Not Dead, Just Busy

Being the Toastmaster at a Worldcon is busy work.

How are you?

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Busy….staffing Ops at a Worldcon keeps you busy :) I LOVE coming to these thing, volunteering lets me meet LOTS of cool people! I keep missing you tho…Catch you at the Masquerade!


Getting ready for Tuesday, which is Dragon Ship’s Book Day, the day that all! 15! Liaden novels are released in audio from Audible, and! the day I remove to Old Orchard Beach for a month so I can, um, write the two books that are based there, and are due in February. And of which exactly 20,000 immortal words have been committed to pixels.

By the time my fun starts, yours will be over.

Hope you had a good con!

Notta lotta going on around here. Hubby’s best friend had another friend visiting from out of state, so the four of us made a day of it. Went out for breakfast, went to the local museum (, came back here and had jambalaya for dinner. Our guests just left. ‘Twas a nice day, all things considered.

Just enjoyed the dickens out of a Cards Against Humanity session. With moderate drinking. Considering it’s 10:30 and I’m entirely ready for bed, I guess that’s a perfectly reasonable stand-in for a con. Bonus points: own bed and no creeping con crud.

Here at the con and busy too. Thanks for a great reading–but could you post a link to the u-tube reading of your hugo nominee that you mentioned there? Anything that makes you laugh so hard you … deserves a link for your Whatever followers. You know, in all that spare time you have. thanks again

Not busy at all. Spent today chilling with friends and indulging in hobbies. And someone brought me a just-because cake. Omnom. Tomorrow: more hobbies. Possibly some archery. I am doing the weekend right for a change.

Enjoy the con!

Today was a day that I just couldn’t get my brain in gear… so I lounged around all day watching through all of the Marvel movies (well… at least all the good ones).

Trying to get the house tidied up before my partner returns from business trip to Beijing. Stack of school books is taunting me. Cat is watching me clean. Commenting on Whatever to avoid condescending feline amusement. I miss summer :-(

Enjoying Worldcon but having difficulty accepting the fact that now that I’m in my 40s, getting by on 3 hours sleep really isn’t doable for several nights in a row.

I am busy incubating a host of deadly viruses (virii?). Will I be able to unleash their full and terrible potential before I am consumed from within by that same terrible potential? WHO CAN SAY.

Being sick kinda sucks. :(

My wife and I spent a happy Saturday shoehorned into a couple of Delta flights out of Florida in order to get to Oklahoma City to see our daughter, who works at the local Humane Society. Had a lot of fun getting to meet all the animals currently in residents and have a better understanding of why she likes working there. One word: KITTENS!

Of course, the 100+ degree heat is only the icing on the cake…

Not dead yet, just busy. But soon my church will have hired a music director, and that means I can stop chairing the search committee and ad-hoc directing the choir, and go back to just chairing the music committee. Still wondering how the hell I turned into a church lady. This middle age thing is weird.

From the whatwitters: Guitar question for guitar people: Has David Gilmour ever done a guitar solo that features anything shorter than a quarter note?

I’m a guitar person who happens to know how to play some Pink Floyd. “Wish You Were Here”, I’m pretty sure, has a couple of of notes faster than a quarter note for the guitar solo. Not a lot, but they’re in there.

If you’re looking for classic solo guitar, there’s “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. Or something newer, there’s “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. (both have to be played without a guitar pick, you have to pick individual strings with your fingers, sometimes two disconnected strings at the same time)

If you want to change gears, maybe you want some 1-4-5 blues. If you want something fast in that genre, maybe Killing Floor by Howlin Wolf?

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