Sunday at Chicon

Today is the day at Chicon 7 where we give out the Hugo Awards, and I, in fact, get to be the one who gives them away. Go me. Before that, however, I had a Stroll with the Stars (on which the above picture was taken, underneath The Bean), a kaffeklatsch, an interview with astronaut Story Musgrave, and a couple hours of prep for the Hugo Awards themselves. So, surprise! Another really busy day. This is not me complaining, mind you — I’m enjoying the heck out of myself — but it is me noting yet again that I won’t be around today. Off I go —



By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Beautiful pic. Enjoy your busy day, and also enjoy the jealous-vibes coming at you from Houston. I’m recovering from a birthday party last night, so I’m pretty useless today. Go you!

Spock. No question in my mind. The Doctor is right up there too. I was also fond of Starbuck (the new one). There are so many, it’s hard to pick. Good idea!

You did a great job as Toastmaster. Really enjoyed the evening until the video went out in the middle of Neil Geiman’s speech. Was able to partially follow the rest via Twitter but we lost your clever reparte’. I hope someone posts it on YouTube.

Just like the Picasso is called the Picasso.

My understanding is that the Picasso is actually untitled.

Kathleen, I think you would really enjoy Chicago, being an art student.

While you were telling the anecdote about David Kyle honeymooning at a Worldcon, I was in the audience sitting next to a couple who were on their honeymoon at Chicon 7.

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