Subterranean Press September eBook Sale

Subterranean Press is putting on sale a whole bunch of its ebooks this September, including several of mine: Through the end of the month, for example, my Hugo and Nebula-nominated novella The God Engines is just $2.99, as is my book on writing, You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop Into a Coffee Shop. Other books include works from Dan Simmons, Barry Hughart, Kelly Armstrong and many others. All DRM-free to boot!

All the details are here. Happy shopping.

19 Comments on “Subterranean Press September eBook Sale”

  1. Would this be the “entertaining writer of space-opera science fiction, with thoughtful ruminations on religion and literature” Dan Simmons or the “right-wing hack writer of laughable, Obama-caused dystopian futures and fourth-rate thrillers based on long-dead internet memes” Dan Simmons?

  2. Oh, so this is where I spend all that money I saved by not going to Chicon! I was wondering about that.

    I foresee several new books on my Kindle in the very near future.

  3. A couple of thanks, John. Thanks for initially turning me on to Barry Hughart (and subsequently thanks to whatever twist of fate had ensconced exactly one copy of each of the man’s books in my local library), and now thanks for guiding me to a copy I can actually afford to purchase. Its a shame Mr. Hughart had such a horrifying publishing experience. I think we’ve all missed out since he was driven to quit writing.

  4. I should very much like to buy the adventures of Master Li but, alas, I live in the wrong place.

    This is one of the “ few situations in life that cannot be honourably settled, and without loss of time, either by suicide, a bag of gold or by thrusting a despised antagonist over the edge of a precipice on a dark night.”…

  5. @Stevie: same here, I think. To make matters worse Subterranean seem to have pulled out of baenebooks – webscription as was – where I’d bought their stuff before.

    As Anya put it: it’s like evolution, only without the getting better part.

  6. I was ready to buy a pile of these, but they’re not available to Canada either. US only. Crappity.

  7. I already have almost all your stuff, but thanks for the lead that allowed me to get the first four volumes of The Collected Short Stories of Robert Silverberg for $2.99 each. :-)

  8. I already have all of yours and Robert Silverberg’s. Guess I’ll get the Ted Chiang’s and Joe R. Lansdale’s. Thanks for the mention.

  9. Hi Hemisphere, Tobias here, the Subpress eBooks guy. Kobo seems to be glitching on that title. I re-triggered the price lowering, hopefully it takes. Keep an eye on it, it should drop soon.

  10. I am sad. The ones that are available to my lowly canadian account I’ve already purchased a few months back and the ones that are really interesting are denied to this poor canuckian.
    I already have all the Scalzi selections, but The Silverberg and Resnik anthologies were tempting (among many others)

  11. Does Subterranean Press sell through other retailers besides Amazon, B&N, and Kobo? (I like to buy from Diesel, or some other ebook retailer that doesn’t make you agree to terms that effectively say “you don’t really own what you just paid for, sucker” in the fine print.)

  12. Thanks for the info. I just purchased four more of your books. Looking forward to some more great reads.

  13. Perhaps you could include a disclaimer to prevent non-USians from getting their hopes up. It annoys me if I get promised a discount and click through only to find out that I don’t even qualify because of my nationality.

  14. I bought this for full price when it first came out and, whilst it’s nice to see it on sale, I have to say “I don’t care!” because I have got it and read it and re-read it and enjoyed it for all this extra time that those buying it now didn’t – so there!

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