Various and Sundry, 9/7/12

Many things to do today (well, one big thing, several small things), but before I wander off to do them:

* It looks like you will finally be able to see the entire Hugo ceremony after all: It will stream in its entirety next Sunday starting at 8pm Eastern (i.e., an hour before it actually started last Sunday) and will be available on demand subsequently. Here’s the link to the channel. I’m excited about this because I will finally be able to watch the thing. I heard it was okay, as long as you overlook the emcee, who I understand was a bit of a dork.

* My pal of old, James Lileks, has written a new novel and decided to publish it himself — one of three new novels he says he will publish in relatively rapid order. This makes me happy because I enjoy his writing and was wondering when/if he’d ever get around to publishing a new novel. I’ve already downloaded it and plan to read it, uh, when I am done cramming through all the writing I am supposed to be doing myself. It’s a carrot I’m holding over my own head to get the damn thing done, basically.

* People have been pinging me about my thoughts on the Democratic National Convention. Folks, I didn’t watch it. I didn’t watch the Republican National Convention, either. In both cases I had other things to do — prepping/traveling to/being at Chicon 7 for the RNC, Writing and catching up on work and family time for the DNC. My understanding from others is that the RNC was a bit of a mess, the DNC was a bit better organized, neither Romney nor Obama gave truly memorable speeches but also didn’t step into a bear trap either, and that in the end what both Republicans and Democrats can agree on is that they’re nostalgic for Bill Clinton, albeit probably for different reasons. All of this seems perfectly reasonable to me.

* Going back to Chicon 7, I find myself running in about second gear in the days afterward — I thought I had avoided the dreaded con crud, but in fact I appear to have developed a late-onset version which only revealed itself after we got home, which is making me sleepy and mildly cranky. This is no good because I have a lot of work. The makes me even more cranky, which makes me even more predisposed to nap. It is a vicious cycle, it is.

And now I’m done. Off to work like a working thing.

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