A Question For the Weekend

I am escaping the clutches of the Internet this weekend! For the loving embrace of non-Internet related work I am backed up on! Oh joy!

I’ll see you all on Monday. In the meantime, a question for you all to keep you amused in my absence:

Name a book/movie/TV show/album/game that you loved when you were younger that you’re afraid to revisit because you’re worried that now you might think it sucks.

For me? Battle of the Planets (aka Science Team Ninja Gatchaman to people far more deeply immersed in anime/Japanese stuff than I am). Loved, loved, loved it when I was ten; I dread the idea of going back to it now because I know that the intervening three decades have not been kind for my appreciation of 70s and 80s animation of nearly any sort. It’s best I remember enjoying them instead of sitting down at 43 and trying to love it again.


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