Daily Archives: September 11, 2012

Look, Everyone! It’s the Tuesday Mantis!

Because is it really a Tuesday without a picture of a mantis? I don’t think so, either. This one was on my rabbit hutch, about a half hour ago. This was shortly before it got exasperated with me and flew off, prompting both my wife and daughter to exclaim, in dismay, “THEY FLY?!?” Why, yes! […]

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A Little Something I Wrote on Facebook Earlier Today

On my private account (i.e., the one I use for people I actually know in real life), not my public page: The closer we get to the election the more I am reminded just how incredibly awful Facebook is for communicating complex and in-depth political thought, and yet how perfect it is for reducing the […]

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The Big Idea: Peter Adam Salomon

Very few people in the world are truly tabula rasa — a blank slate. So when you’re creating a character who is as close to one as can be, how do you keep it real… and compelling? That was Peter Adam Salomon’s task with Henry Franks. Sit down and find out how he did it. […]

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Dear Midwesterners

It is entirely possible — and some would say actually¬†advisable! — to employ one’s turn signal before the very last possible instant. Please learn this before I have to destroy your car, which I have very nearly rear-ended, with a rocket launcher. Love, John Scalzi

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