Daily Archives: September 12, 2012

The Big Idea: Sarah Rees Brennan

Look! A large, sinister manor! Filled with parapets and secret panels and whatnot! What sort of story shall we put in such a thing? Well, Sarah Rees Brennan knows, because there’s one in her latest novel, Unspoken. Draw up a Victorian-style chair next to the roaring fire in the large (and sinister!) hearth, and let […]

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A Further Crawl Into My Hermitage

Just as a head’s up for folks: I just put up an autoresponder on my e-mail letting people know that for the rest of the month until October 8, the chance of me responding to anything that’s not directly business-related (and specifically, business-related to the things I currently have on deadline) is likely to be […]

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