And Thus It Begins

I wrote, on Twitter:

A half hour later, from Wil Wheaton, there is this:

Oh, Wil.

(Shakes head sadly.)

Now you’ve done it.


Update, 8:54: Wil responds thusly:

To which I respond:

Oh, yeah. SMOKING GUN, baby.

Update, 9:17: I did not make this following video. But it ASKS THE RIGHT QUESTIONS:

Update, 9:37: I am determined to find answers about Wil’s underhanded political dealings with cats!

Update, 9:44: Oh, Wil’s on the ropes now:

Update, 10:14: Clearly flailing at his messaging, Wil nevertheless provides a Bizarro World-like take on events on his own site. It’s sad, really. But this is what you get when you lie down with the teh kittehs: You wake up with THE DANDER OF LIES.

Still Life With Fuzzy, Ukulele and Mallet

And that’s what Sunday looks like here. Hope yours is good.

Work to do; see you tomorrow.