Still Life With Fuzzy, Ukulele and Mallet

And that’s what Sunday looks like here. Hope yours is good.

Work to do; see you tomorrow.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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wooop wooop first comment! my sunday is great,tho would be better if yours was aswell.. nevermind, ehe.. can’t wait zoe’s tale to get translated to my language (turkish) if you need to sign a contract or something for it to get translated please do so. im the hugest fan of old mans war series of yours from turkey :) good sunday for you avast, say hi to perry for me! ps. sorry for gramaritical mistakes due im on phone

I love how the guitar stand doubles as a Mallet of Loving Correction stand.

Have a marvelous Sunday. Mine’s going pretty darn well, as a result of yesterday’s purchase of a refurbed MacBook Pro that is approximately one gajillion times faster than my old (moribund) MacBook. Dang, you click on things and they open. Who knew?

Now that is an amazing bookcase.

Sunday is delightful here – still summer temps and loveliness all around (except for the back to school plague my kids brought home to me)

(In my continuing quest to be less antisocial on the blogs I read . . .)

My Sunday:

0) Make a ranty post on my blog about economics, tangentially related to John’s “Being Poor” piece.
1) Go get punched in the face a whole bunch of times.
2) Come home, check Whatever, look at all John’s books, and think about how much I miss my library, which is on loan to my sister.
3) Buy the stuff I need for a role in a major Hollywood film this week.
4) Sword fight with some pole dancers (this is not a euphemism).
5) Horseback ride through the California desert.
6) Teach calculus.

And yet I still find myself really envious of all the books . . .

That’s a sweet setup you got there, Scalzicce. My Sunday was totes bitching, thank you. Not just because I bought a new LCD projector, either.

Oh, you can just tell that as soon as you leave the room that Fuzzy is going to be playing that ukulele. It’s right there in the body language. “I’m casually not looking at the ukulele, but I am poised to leap down and play “Stairway to Heaven on” on it as soon as John turns his back.”

That’s what I see.

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