Today’s Assignment: Recommend a New Book

I will not be about today because I must write like the wind. While I am away, to keep you occupied and amused, an assignment for you:

Tell us all about a new book that you’ve enjoyed.

For the purposes of this discussion, a “new book” is one that’s been published in the last two years, i.e., since September 25, 2010. Other than that, any sort of book you’ve personally liked and would recommend to others is eligible: fiction, non-fiction, small press, no press, ebook, graphic novel, etc. It just has to exist in the real world and be somewhere people can buy it. Book title and author, please, and also, you know, why you liked it.

Three rules:

1. It can’t be a book you’ve written (i.e., no self-promotion, and don’t make a sock puppet to promote yourself, because, dude, that’s just sad);

2. It can’t be one of my books, because it’s not as if people here are unaware of my stuff;

3. Pick one. Yes, it’s tough. But I don’t want to see laundry lists; I want to see new books you’re really passionate about. Also: One comment only (second posts to make corrections are fine but, come on, guys, that’s what the preview function is for). Don’t worry, I’ll do another one of these in December, so you can make another recommendation then.

Feel free to link to the book in the comments, but remember if you put too many links in the comment (more than three), it’ll get bumped into moderation. Don’t panic when that happens; when I take food/bathroom/RSI-avoidance breaks I’ll check the queue.

So: What new book do you want to tell the world about?

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