Here is the Logitech Keyboard for the iPad

It arrived and I’ve been using it for a couple of days, and the verdict is: It’s all right. The keys are smaller than what I’m used to, but this is not terribly surprising, considering that they’re meant to fit into a cover for the iPad. It’s not hard to type on, however, and it’s definitely better than trying to type on the keyboard on the iPad screen (the row of numbers and a full set of punctuation marks helps, obviously).

Esthetically I like the way it looks; I got the white keyboard to go with the white iPad, so it looks all of a piece. The daughter looked at it and thought it was an actual laptop, so I suppose there’s that as well. I’ll take it with me on my upcoming trip to Austin and Washington DC and see how it does for me with actual travel. But so far, so good.


For No Especially Good Reason I Put Each Letter of the Alphabet Into My Web Browser and Posted the Link it Autocompleted To

And here’s what we got. Click or hover on the letter for the links, and don’t worry, they’re all work safe, since if I ever did any naughty searching, and I’m not saying I do, I would do it in incognito mode (i.e., not being written into my browser’s history).

AAndrew Sullivan’s site. Not a surprise, I find him quite readable, and now that Sarah Palin’s in his rearview mirror, usually sane.

BGizmodo. The “b” here comes from “,” which directs me to their blog format, which is ever so much for readable (for it and every other Gawker site) than its default layout.

CCNN. Middle of the road news although their entertainment coverage can make me cringe from time to time.

DDeadspin. This is an indication I don’t type “d” into my browser bar much, since I visit here maybe three times a year.

EEngadget. What can I say, I’m a tech nerd. I visit The Verge a lot, too.

FFacebook. Hey, everyone I know is on it, and sometimes you want to see what they’re up to.

GGoogle. I think it would be mildly surprising if it were something else.

HHulu. Another letter I don’t use much. I think this pops up because I see the occasional Saturday Night Live clip.

IIcerocket. For when I ego surf and don’t use Google.

JJezebel. Yes, I know. It’s links like these that make me a beta male.

KKnow Your Meme. This is so I don’t feel lost when I go to Reddit.

LLos Angeles Times. Because I grew up in the LA area, therefore it is my “hometown” newspaper.

MMetafilter. One of the few other places I actively comment at. I was mildly surprised that it wasn’t I wonder what this says about me.

OOrbitz. Because I travel a lot.

P: Popurls. Because I like to aggregate my online procrastination.

QQuickmeme. Look, I’m not saying everything I do online is productive.

RRhapsody. Where I listen to music online.

SSFWA. This is because I go in and check the SFWA director’s board areas because, you know, I am the president.

TTalking Points Memo. Because, among other things, Josh Marshall is a high school classmate of mine, and I’m proud of what he’s done with his site. For when I want to know just how long my flight’s been delayed!

VWordPress’ VIP site. Because this is where Whatever is hosted (and hosted well, I would add).

WWhatever. I mean, duh.

XXKCD. Stick figures are awesome.

YYouTube. Another one that I suppose is not terribly surprising, much to Yahoo’s chagrin.

ZZillow. Because occasionally I look at real estate. But only occasionally. This is another letter that doesn’t get much play in the browser bar.

Huh. That was an interesting experiment.

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