A Glimpse Into My Writing Brain Right Now

Just in case you’re wondering, the most annoying part of writing a novel, for me at least, is the part I’m at now, in which the entire novel is figured out, all the moving parts are in place and there are few if any surprises left for you as a writer — but the thing is still not done, because it’s not all written down. So paradoxically the moment that you stop worrying about whether the novel is going to work is also the moment you have to make sure you don’t get lazy or rush just to be done. Just because the novel will work is no guarantee you won’t still crash it through authorial stupidity.

The problem is compounded (again, for me at least) by the fact that since my brain knows the conceptual heavy lifting portion of novel writing is over, it’s begun to wander over to start thinking about the next thing (or in this case, the next possible things, as I have a a few different things I am considering for the next project), which makes the rest of me antsy to be done done done done. Which, again, means I have to be extra careful not to rush just to be done. This is why it’s the most annoying part of novel writing.

Don’t worry, this happens to me with every novel and every project. I keep myself from stampeding through the work because as much my desire to be done right now is more than amply counteracted by my desire not to write something that sucks. It’s worked so far, and it’ll work with this one too. But man, right now? So want to be done. Just thought I’d share.

New Arrivals, 9/29/30

Some of the books (and ARCs) that came into the Scalzi Compound in the last week. It’s nice, in the midst of a deadline hell such as I have at the moment, to be reminded that the hot mess of words that writers put down eventually become actual books.

Anything in the pile here look good to you?