New Arrivals, 9/29/30

Some of the books (and ARCs) that came into the Scalzi Compound in the last week. It’s nice, in the midst of a deadline hell such as I have at the moment, to be reminded that the hot mess of words that writers put down eventually become actual books.

Anything in the pile here look good to you?

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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About half of them :) – I like Gini Koch, William Dietz, and Harry Turtledove – plus anything with Cthulhu on the spine deserves to be at least picked up and looked at. Mecha Rogue could be good, though I have this strange image of a forty-foot tall mechanical halfling stealing the eyes from a REALLY tall statue.


The Twelve looks good to me. I read The Passage because a couple of guys I knew just couldn’t stop talking about it. It was really good.

And Turtledove always looks good.

No Sharks in the Med. I like short stories. And Alien Alien because I just like aliens. Those would be the first two I would pick up and look at. Of course, Mike Resnick always deserves a look.

The first Book of Cthulhu was one of the stronger Mythos anthologies I’ve read, so I’d expect the second to be just as good. A lot better than the ‘single-high-concept’ ones (Cthulhu-Holmes. Cthulhu-Pirates, Cthulhu-Wins…)

“No Sharks in the Med” made me think “who’d let a shark into a clinic anyway”, but now I hope it means Mediterranean.
“The Doctor and the Rough Rider” must mean Dr. Who meets Teddy Roosevelt (if he hadn’t before), right?
“Alien Alien” I first read as title:”Alien” author:”Alien” and thought “there’s an autobiography I’d read”.
“Mecha Rogue”, being a member at both MetaFilter (‘MeFi’) and it’s spin-off MetaChat (‘MeCha’), well, I know some people who’d fit that title…
“Andromeda’s Fall” sounds like an insider story of the last season of that post-Roddenberry show.
“Supervolcano: All Fall Down”, the follow-up to “Supervolcano: All Blow Up”, right?
“Terminal Island”… isn’t that around San Pedro/Port of L.A.?
“The Siren Depths”… I live near a nuclear power plant and even nearer to one of the loud sirens that are supposed to alert an emergency (and get tested on Saturday Morning every couple months), so I can no longer think of Sirens as anything else… sigh.
“The Tainted City”… so many candidates for a good snark…
“Hitchers”… after the long, uncomfortable trend toward low-slung pants, it’s promising to hear that it’s becoming fashionable to “hitch them up” again
“The Book of Cthulhu II”… so, it’s an inherited title now?
“The Twelve”… cheaper by the dozen?
My sincere apologies to all the authors of all those books who put uncounted hours into writing them, but should still have consulted a cynical punster like me before committing to titles.

I’m especially looking forward to The Siren Depths. I always enjoy Martha Wells’ books and am greatly enjoying this series (The first two are The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea.).

I’d also like to read The Tainted City and Alien, Alien

I’d love to read “Hitchers”. It sounds dead funny.

Ahem. Puns aside, I think I’ll actually put it on my christmas wishlist. And then buy it for myself in January because my family insists on gifting me something other than books for once. :)

Definitely “The Twelve” – who DOESN’T want to know how that all turned out? (ok, other than those who didn’t read “The Passage”.)

“The Book of Cuthulu” – I’ve read in the blogs of some authors I like that they contributed and that they like what they submitted, so it should be good.

I know that Brian Lumley is oh so passe nowadays, but I still like his writing – he can craft a great story if you can get past the fact that there were too many Necroscope books. “No Sharks in the Med” is on my list.

In an amazing kowtow to advertising, I bought The Twelve on my Kindle after waiting too long in a movie theatre to see Dark Knight Rises (technical difficulties; the show ended up being canceled) and seeing an ad describing it as “if Michael Crichton wrote Salem’s Lot” – or something similar. I ended up enjoying it quite a bit – I think it could perhaps have used a bit more editing for focus, in my taste, but it was well done. Book of Cthulhu is also a lot of fun – I’ve read I and II, and while I don’t love all the selections, I love enough of them to continue on into III, if there is one!

How many books do you generally read, a year, do you know? I have been keeping track of mine on LibraryThing, due to an unfortunate cataloguing fetish, and I’ve found myself surprised by my own patterns – I think that I used to finish more than I currently do, due to the demands of my job.

Holy crap, there’s a new book of Lumley’s short stories? Sold! (I just hope there aren’t *too* many reprinted from his other short story collections, this time around. Time to go see if I can find a list of contents.)

Lumley always approached the Cthulhu Mythos from a James Cameron’s “Aliens” or John Carpenter’s “Any John Carpenter Movie” perspective: “This is a horror story, and terrible, horrible things will happen to people. But dammit, they can also fight back.” I don’t think he gets enough love from some folks, who feel the Muthos has to be existential dread and nothing but.

I am also ready to read the FACE off “The Twelve”, by Justin Cronin.

I was excited by “The Doctor and The Rough Rider”, thinking it was Mike Resnick writing Doctor Who, but no – it’s Doc Holliday, & the third book in a Wild West – Steampunk Fiction series.

I am now MORE excited, because there are 3 books to look for, another on the way, and a game in the future. How cool is that!

‘The Twelve.’ I got to the end of ‘The passage’ and loved it, and then read the preview of ‘The Twelve’ featuring Bernard Kittridge, AKA ‘Last Stand in Denver’ and pre-ordered the very moment I finished.

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