Sunset, 10/3/12

Because it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Enjoy.


Aggressively Not Answering E-Mail at the Moment

If you’ve tried e-mailing me in the last few weeks, you’ll note that I have an automatic reply up saying that responses would be delayed at best (and possibly non-existent) because I’m hard up on a deadline. This is a quick note to:

a) Reiterate this point — I am really not engaged in my e-mail queue at the moment except for immediate business concerns;

b) To extend my e-mail ignoring ways through to the 15th of October, on account of travel I have next week.

This is not to say you can’t send me e-mail — please do, if you feel you must. I do read the e-mail I get. Just that unless I judge it related to immediate and critical business issues, my response will likely be tardy and/or very short, or non-existent. It’s not personal. I’m not answering literally dozens of e-mail a day at this point.

(To those of you who have sent me Big Idea queries — I have them. October is scheduled and I’ll be scheduling November and December post deadline/travel.)

Also, a general comment, not aimed at anyone specifically: Just because I’m not responding to most e-mails at the moment doesn’t mean that you should use comment threads at Whatever (or Facebook/Twitter) as alternate routes to send me questions that you’d otherwise send me an e-mail for. It’s not the medium of e-mail specifically that I’m not responding to. It’s anything that’s not directly related to my deadline.


Your Question for the Day, 10/3/12

Hey, did I mentioned I’m writing on a deadline? Yeah, that.

Your question for today, to keep you amused whilst I clackity-clack away:

Name the first movie you remember crying at. And the most recent.

First one for me: Bambi. Because, come on. I think I was six. Most recent one: I rewatched Poltergeist a couple of weeks ago and teared up when they got their daughter back from the other side. Because I’m a parent now, that’s why.


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