Aggressively Not Answering E-Mail at the Moment

If you’ve tried e-mailing me in the last few weeks, you’ll note that I have an automatic reply up saying that responses would be delayed at best (and possibly non-existent) because I’m hard up on a deadline. This is a quick note to:

a) Reiterate this point — I am really not engaged in my e-mail queue at the moment except for immediate business concerns;

b) To extend my e-mail ignoring ways through to the 15th of October, on account of travel I have next week.

This is not to say you can’t send me e-mail — please do, if you feel you must. I do read the e-mail I get. Just that unless I judge it related to immediate and critical business issues, my response will likely be tardy and/or very short, or non-existent. It’s not personal. I’m not answering literally dozens of e-mail a day at this point.

(To those of you who have sent me Big Idea queries — I have them. October is scheduled and I’ll be scheduling November and December post deadline/travel.)

Also, a general comment, not aimed at anyone specifically: Just because I’m not responding to most e-mails at the moment doesn’t mean that you should use comment threads at Whatever (or Facebook/Twitter) as alternate routes to send me questions that you’d otherwise send me an e-mail for. It’s not the medium of e-mail specifically that I’m not responding to. It’s anything that’s not directly related to my deadline.

13 Comments on “Aggressively Not Answering E-Mail at the Moment”

  1. I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. Douglas Adams

  2. Ummmm, I’d be one of the offenders, specifically on the Big Idea front. But I didn’t get an autoreply (which is why you got a follow up email…for which I am now apologizing). I hope that there’ll be a little give in the deadline since publication… :)

    Good luck with the deadlines!

  3. Mr. Scalzi, sir; You just take any time you need making us that sweet, sweet reading matter we all love and want. We’re good.

  4. I sent you an email 3-4 years ago & am still stunned that I got a reply – not just a reply but a thoughtful, funny reply. Its rare that I write someone I don’t know and the few time I have taken the time to write someone of any importance I never expect a reply – and am rarely disappointed 8-{D

    Why people would expect any reply, let alone a prompt one from a stranger they are intruding on is a mystery to me.

  5. Um, dude, help the economy, and yourself, hire a PA. There are benefits to higher standards.

  6. Cindy Lou,

    Aside from the ‘help the economy’ part, I’m not sure how getting a reply from a PA is actually any better than an autoresponse for anyone looking for a personal response from John. :)

    Let me also say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised a couple of times over the years by the long, thoughtful responses I’ve gotten when sending John a question or comment. I don’t think many ‘microcelebrities’ take that kind of time to really dialog with their fans.

  7. I’m always amazed that while John is in not-answering-emails-mode, he still takes the time to create fluffy blog posts for his clamorous fans. Although a PA might not help with Mr. Scalzi’s email, surely one could help moderate the blog comments. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to wield the Mallet of Loving Correction?!

  8. I am aggressively not sending you an e-mail. Although I think I’ve only ever sent, like, two. And one was for a typo in a book, that I’m sure you just sighed at.

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