Write Write Write

I’m alive. Just on a roll with this whole writing fiction thing.

Tomorrow, dudes.

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  1. This, I can deal with. No need to entertain me. Just tell me you’re busy. Heck, you’re a writer, a very good one. Do your thing. When you have time, let the farting around commence. No worries, man.

  2. On one hand:
    Cumulative words of fiction written since 6 July 2010:
    +1,748,950 end of Sep 2012
    -1,697,250 end of Aug 2012
    51,700 words fiction written in Sep 2012

    On the other hand, my CPA just asked me to email him my revenue, check by check, from fiction in major markets in 2011, for our late filing by 15 Oct 2012. He is worried that losing about $10,000 a year as an author might red flag my state or federal tax returns again. and was slightly mollified when I told him (he took the place of CPA I’d become friends with over 25 years) how I won 3 of my 4 tax audits, using meticulous records, and NWU/SFWA/MWA-developed statements as to doing everything necessary and customary to earn a profit, but decision by editors and publishers then being out of my control. Being in the program books for worldcons helps me, even if I can never be as great a Toastmaster as you. We’ll talk again if I ever have a best-seller.

  3. So write, don’t worry about us. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get paid.

  4. See, if you’d just gone with my clone plan, there’d be one of you to work on the writing, and another to focus on all the internet frivolity.

    When will people learn?

  5. Waiting with bated breath for the result of all this hard work. Will gladly pay money for it.

  6. @Ian Johnson,

    He’s not really alive. He died sometime last year and I raised him as my own, personal zombie.

  7. Scorpius @ 10.36pm: We’ll know who to blame if The Human Division has a sequence similar to:

    “Brains! BRAINS! I must have BRAINS, do you understand!?!” said the President of the Limbic System.

    “Yes sir,” replied the President’s chief brain-getter. “I’ll just brain the nearest brainy stranger, and brain acquire brain his brain that brain way.”

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