I’ll Be Doing a Redshirts Q&A on io9 Today, 3pm Eastern, So Get Your Questions In Before Then

Here’s where to send the questions that you would ask that I might answer.

To make sure the questions go there and not here, I will disable the comments on this post.

And if you’re seeing this after 3pm today, go over and see what answers I provide! I’ll be doing that from 3 to 4.

And then I will have a snack. That’s not material to events, mind you. I just thought you’d want to know.


Various and Sundry 10/5/12

Catching up on the things that need catching up on:

* For those of you wondering how The Human Division is going, it’s moving along very nicely, thank you. I had a brisk 9,300 word marathon yesterday, which finished up the episode I was working on. It’s the equivalent to the series finale, if you will, so I made sure it came with all the things you want in a season finale. However, having written the season finale does not mean I am entirely done with The Human Division. It’s not surprising that this most unconventional of writing projects is being written in an unconventional way. I am getting close enough to the end that writing it now is has been going easily. I know where everything is supposed to go and how everything is supposed to work, so much of what I’m doing at this point is making all the cogs mesh together. I’m supposed to be done on Monday; I’d like to be done then, too, since then I’m off to Austin and then DC.

* One of the nice things about spending all day yesterday in the word mines was that I got the luxury of ignoring everyone losing their shit over the presidential debate, in which apparently, as I noted on Twitter the other night, Romney drank Red Bull, Obama drank NyQuil and Big Bird spontaneously combusted. I didn’t watch the debate, on account of I had writing to get done, but after it was done I flipped over to Andrew Sullivan’s site and was treated to the experience of watching the poor man’s head explode because he thought Obama did so horribly poorly. Then I flipped around other places and watched everyone else more or less losing their shit in the manner most appropriate to their political orientation, and decided it was okay for me not to get too emotionally invested in the “go team go” elements of the event.

It does appear the debate has put some wind back in Romney’s sails; good for him. Likewise, Obama is getting dinged for what I am told was a largely truculent appearance, and well, that’s what you get for being truculent in front of 60 million people. Once again, however, a reminder to all that the elections are a month away, and that anything can happen between now and then, just like, you know, this last debate happened. This is why we have real life, and not just polls and predictive models.

* Appearance reminders: I will be in Austin on Tuesday and Wednesday for GDC Online, which is, strangely enough, a conference for game developers making games you play online. Specifically I am joining Alexander Seropian for a presentation called “Cramming an Epic Gaming Universe into a Portable Phone,” in which we will discuss that very topic in relation to the new, still-secret and totally awesome project we’re working on together (along with the rest of Industrial Toys, Alex’s new game studio). This presentation goes off on Wednesday at 2pm in Room 12, so if you’re going to be at the conference, you should be there, and if you’re not there, really, I don’t know why you’re even at the conference. Sadly, I have no public events scheduled for Austin while I am there, but if you’re at GDC Online, I’ll be happy to say hello, sign books, name your firstborn children, and do all that good stuff.

Then I am off to the Washington DC area, specifically Gaithersburg, Maryland, for Capclave, where I am the Guest of Honor, along with Nick Mamatas, and at which we will have a weekend of nerdy, geeky, dorky fun. For those of you attending, if you go to my reading (Saturday at 11, rooms Salon A&B), you will be treated to an exclusive, never-before-read-to-anyone-ever excerpt from The Human Division. It will be full of conflict, drama and the occasional neck punch. That’s a promise, people. Capclave is my last scheduled public appearance of 2012, and as I currently have no GoH appearances formally scheduled for 2013, if you want to see me, folks, this is the time and place to do it.

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