Oh, Okay, Here’s One Thing For This Sunday

A picture of the changing colors in my yard. I think it’s pretty.

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  1. We had a beautiful – albeit very very early – fall here on the frozen tundra. Our maples were gorgeous but now mostly nude, the oaks already gone from crimson to bronze to brown. Spent the early afternoon raking, which I hate. Will have to do it at least once more for the oaks. But at least it isn’t shoveling . . . yet!

  2. Wow! That’s a beautiful shot. This is the one time of year when I am most likely to have second thoughts about having moved to the south. Of course, when you are having snow up there, I will be feeling pretty darn good about living here.

  3. I love the intense red that maples and a few others get when their colour turns. I really miss that out in the Canadian Praries since we really only get shades of yellow and brown.

  4. Is that a maple, or some other tree? I remember a bush at my parents’ that turned that deep crimson, but it wasn’t maple. Our maples all went brilliant golden yellow.

  5. First guess, Japanese red maple, because of the purple-y undertones. Second guess, particularly if the colors are a little off: Euonymus alatus, aka “burning bush” or winged euonymus, which is usually more crimson than the Japanese maples. Both can be shrubby and red all over in the fall. Lovely fall colors, regardless – it’s one of the things I miss about my current location.

  6. I guess we know which bit of shrubbery gets disintegrated by a returning probe whose programming has been altered by a collision with an alien botany satellite.

  7. Lovely. And good to look at occasionally when you pull your head out of the words and need to focus on something farther away.

  8. It’s so pretty it doesn’t look real. Neither did your fabulous sunset of last week. Are you using some sort of camera filter?
    I’m genuinely asking, not snarking. Maybe colors really are brighter in your part of the world…

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