And Now, A Quick Plug For WordPress VIP

I joined the WordPress VIP service four years ago as of yesterday, after a couple of years of continual frustration with how people were able to access Whatever, and also how I was able to handle the back end of it on my own. In the four years since I joined WordPress VIP, I really can’t remember a single time I’ve either had the site go down because of traffic, or where the site was not completely functional — barring a couple of times where the problem was me, rather than any other issue. That’s a pretty remarkable streak, especially considering this year, when I’ve had several of the busiest days in the site’s history.

Every year around this time I do a completely unsolicited plug for WordPress and its VIP service, because I am a happy customer and I believe that when people give you good service, you should acknowledge it and recommend it. So once again, this is me doing both. If you’re in the market for pretty serious backend service and and an ironclad ability to handle traffic to your site, you should have WordPress VIP on your list. It’s been four years and they haven’t let me down. That’s a pretty enviable record.

9 Comments on “And Now, A Quick Plug For WordPress VIP”

  1. How much do you pay?

    I ask because when I followed the link, the only pricing I saw was for more advanced enterprise services which began in the thousands of dollars per month. I would imagine that you pay somewhat less for not quite so much.

  2. Sounds great and good to know. What I’ve seen of wordpress in general (.org & .com) has been impressive and professional without all the hoop jumping and bell clanging.

  3. John, you also sometimes posted some statistics on how many visitors the site has, what is the most clicked piece and so on – any chance of doing this again? I for one found that pretty interesting!

  4. Noted; and thanks for the recommendation. Right now I have absolutely no need for something like WordPress VIP, but you never know.

  5. I’d be interested in which service you actually use of the ones offered. The cheapest seemed to be running around $1250 a month which is, well….a fair amount.

  6. If I’m reading the page right, it works out to $3,750 a month.

    If this is so…well, I’m glad you can afford it, but–good heavens. I’m sorry, but as much as I like Whatever, it wouldn’t be worth that to me.

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