A Quick Note

Whoever posts the first comment in this thread will have the official 300,000th comment on Whatever.


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  1. Ah, missed it by that much.

    If I have not seen as far as others, it is only because giants have been standing on my shoulders.

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Darn you to heck Randall. You commenting commentor who comments

  3. I’m late. Because of nonlocality and stochasticity. I was just concluding a 4,550 words of fiction writing day at noon, with the 2nd chapter I wrote today in Batshit Crazy, 2,700 word Ch. 113 “Mind of God” — with this slightly related paragraph.
    “And that brings us back around to your saying that Einstein said that Spinoza said that we all exist within the Mind of God. Isn’t that the same question as ‘How can one tell if one is in a dream or not?’ or ‘How can one tell if one is in a simulation?’”
    “I guess that depends on what one means by ‘the Mind of God.’ And is the Mind of God governed by the laws of Quantum Mechanics? Good question.”

  4. I’m impressed that you counted all the way to 300,000. I normally get bored after a few hundred. I take it the writing projects are over…

  5. Is this what it takes to get people to send you dozens of free books a week??? Being EXTREMELY POPULAR?!!?

    Oh. Well, that makes sense.


  6. Does that count comments that have been Lovingly Corrected by the Mallet or just comments that have stuck around for the long haul?

  7. Well, it was a race, right? When someone says ‘OnetwothreeGO!’, that makes it a race. And whoever wins a race, i.e. Randall, should have a prize.
    Unless it’s a caucus race, in which case, we should all have prizes. Not that I think this is a caucus race; but then again, maybe it is. Then Scalzi could hand out comfits to us all. In which case, Randall, you can have mine.
    Not much of a prize, but it’s all I happen to have in my virtual pocket at the mo.

  8. I’m a little disappointed…if ever there were a thread where it would have been funny to disable comments, it would have been this one.

  9. Was that an official “Go!”? He didn’t say “Ready, Set ….” 385814, unless someone’s posting in some other thread.

  10. Let’s not bicker and argue over whether it was a race or no. This is meant to be a happy occasion. As such, send me tribute.

  11. There may not be a prize for being the 300,000 commenter, but I at least found a new blog to read. Thanks Randall!

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