Just to Mess With Your Time Sense, Here’s a Sunset Photo First Thing in the Morning

I know! It’s too early to be messing with you like this! Yet here I am doing it. It’s because I’m a bad man. Just so that’s out there.

35 Comments on “Just to Mess With Your Time Sense, Here’s a Sunset Photo First Thing in the Morning”

  1. This one was taken with my Nikon 5100 with the 18-55mm lens it came with, with the RAW file cleaned up in Photoshop and the outputted jpeg filtered through Camerabag 2.

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL picture. Thanks for sharing! (Even if you are trying to mess with our heads!)

  3. you would have seen the sunset/sunrise this morning over Mt. Hood, had high clouds but clear below, so the sun was rising under the clouds, they in turn looked like ripples of red lava surounding the mountian…it was beautiful!

  4. I’m going to pretend it’s from an alien world tidally locked to its local star, taken in that tiny habitable band in permanent twilight. After all, Mr. Scalzi has been traveling a LOT.

  5. The pics you post leap off the screen. Is there no other photoshop work going on? color balancing, chomo stretch, etc?
    They make Ohio look like Eden.

  6. I might be more confused if I hadn’t been working the midnight 12 hour shift. Instead, it makes an odd kind of sense…

  7. I cannot convince my brain that that is not handpainted silk satin that was recently unfolded and showing creases.

  8. Just how can one tell the difference between sunrise and sunset from a picture? Other than there are fewer sunrise pictures because not as many people are awake for it. Beautiful picture – thanks for sharing.

  9. Ah. Great pic. And thanks for a timely sunset picture as I get to bed. Third shift hours being good at leading to confusion all by themselves, most days.