I Shall Not Be Updating Again Until Monday, and So I Leave You With a Picture of a Cat

There, that should hold you.

Wish me luck with the book writing, would you? Thanks.

My Live at ComicCon Interview with Sword & Laser

There’s a lot of crowd noise, so be ready for that, but otherwise it’s a good interview. I discuss Redshirts, electronic publishing, and the community right here at Whatever.

Late Stage Book Writing Office

The Human Division is (oh God please) only days away from completion, which means pretty much everything else except for basic sanitation is taking a back seat to getting the thing done. As a result, please to see the stage of chaos currently existing in my office. The only reason it’s not worse than this is that book deadline or no, Krissy would snap my neck. She has standards, even if I do not.

And before someone notes it, yeah, I blew past my official deadline (which was 11 days ago). I had hoped to get a significant amount of writing done last week while I traveled, but for various reasons that did work as well as I hoped (I got some writing done, but other circumstances — some good, some less good — conspired against doing a lot). One of the nice things about this book is that it is episodic, however, so presumably my editors can work on the parts that are in while I’m trying to finish up.

Speaking of which: Later, peoples. Tragically, books do not write themselves.

To Heal a Nation, a Shoutout to Team Reddit

This is the sort of thing that is cool about Reddit.

Morning Here Looked Like This

Looking east:

Looking west:

And yes, these were happening at the same time. It was just a matter of turning 180 degrees.

It doesn’t suck to live here.