My Live at ComicCon Interview with Sword & Laser

There’s a lot of crowd noise, so be ready for that, but otherwise it’s a good interview. I discuss Redshirts, electronic publishing, and the community right here at Whatever.

5 Comments on “My Live at ComicCon Interview with Sword & Laser”

  1. Yes, as a fellow man that is balding, the shape of your head is pleasing to the eye.

    Is it wrong for one man to say that to another? I don’t think so.

  2. Nifty, very good interview. I really liked the part about the usefulness of book cover art in the digital age. I’m not an e-book person (yet) and I hadn’t thought about that before.

  3. Any chance of a transcription or captions for the hearing impaired? I was so excited when the interviewer’s questions were captioned but then the answers weren’t. :(

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