Interview of me in Ghettoblaster Magazine

For those of you who enjoy printed matter, there’s a long interview of me in the latest edition of Ghettoblaster, which hits newsstands this week. In it, I talk about Redshirts and whatever (both the blog, and, you know, things in general). Also, in the magazine, apparently we are alerted to the renewed existence of Dinosaur Jr., which will warm the cockles of you early 90s folks. I think I had one of their albums on cassette! So that’s two reasons to pick up the magazine. Get to it.

The Human Division Writing Update

The weekend went well, with about 14,000 words total for Saturday and Sunday. I’m hoping for about another 6,000 or so today and then The Human Division will be done.

For those who are wondering, no, this is not atypical for me. My writing speed tends to ratchet up the closer I get to being done, on account that nearly everything but the typing — the plotting, the characterization, the story beats — is done, and all I really have to do is get the words down without tripping over myself. ┬áIf anything I have to be careful not to go too fast, otherwise I’ll have a copy editor want to kill me for having to correct all my errors.

I’ll talk about this more later (i.e., when I’m done with the thing), but I’m really very happy with the way The Human Division is turning out. Structurally it’s really unlike anything I’ve done before, and different from most things out there, and the stories I’m telling, if I may say so, are turning out to be fun to write (and hopefully to experience). It’s been a hugely interesting process so far.

Back to it for me; talk to you all later.