October in Ohio

At least, how it looks from my front yard, this morning. October is my favorite month for many reasons, but one big reason is the contrasts of colors you get in it.

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  1. October is my favorite month as well, mostly for the color but also for the cooler temps. Color up here in NE Ohio has been excellent this year. I’m making time this weekend to hit a trail for a final peek.

  2. We here in the Queen City (I’m trying to reclaim that nickname from the barbarians who want us to be The ‘Nati) are having a much more colorful October than in recent years. Lots of late summer rain I suppose. Nothing like New England however.

  3. October in the Midwest (Michigan, in my case) is one of the few things I miss. But I’d miss my mountains and sunshine more. My solution? Visit in October.

  4. October colors are great, November can be a drag as the leaves are gone but the snow has not hidden the dirt yet.

    Not really political so I hope its not too early but I live in a flyover state so we are being ignored by both candidates – would you care to comment on life in Ohio these days? It sounds like one giant campaign rally after another with endless phone calls & door knocking (I think that was David’s joke) – is it that bad? If you needed an excuse to turn off the TV & radio I bet this would be a good one.

  5. That’s a lovely tree. One thing about living in nice, warm Texas is that we don’t get a whole lot of fall color, but I *do not* miss snow. Had enough to last the rest of my life when the Navy sent me to snowy places.

    Frankly @10:21: I also live in an ignored market, and I’d love to know how the people of lovely Ohio are managing to put up with all the politicking.

  6. We just drove from MN to Washington DC for a family vacation. MN in October is past prime leaf time but Ohio did look beautiful with all of the trees changing. West Virginia was even better though. Also, here is a shout out for everyone to visit the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. My kids actually preferred it to the Air and Space Smithsonian. My 11 year old son is now researching the Dolittle Raid on Japan during WWII.

  7. I was in (my hometown in) Ohio this past week marveling at the fall color and how much more vibrant it is than here in (my present home in) the DC area; watching it get brighter and more fiery along the drive up, and then watching it get muted and more subtle along the drive back, was very special. (Right now I’m loving the trees that are still green on the bottom and – I think – western edges, but red and gold on the top and eastern sides.)

  8. The colors are really beautiful, but lately I don’t know what to wear to work in the morning! I have to walk between campus buildings to go teach my classes, so I need to predict whether it’s warm out or not. And one day I’ll bring a light jacket and it’s /freezing/, and another day I’ll bring my coat and it’s /warm/ out! I overheard some of my students chatting in groups the other day, and one asked the others, “Are you from Ohio? Is it normal for the weather so WEIRD here?” And everyone replied, “Yeah . . . it’s because it’s Ohio.”

    I appreciate your shoutout for the Air Force Museum, MNmom. :D The place truly is amazing (and completely free!). I live just around the corner (so to speak) from it, and on days that we need to relax and recharge a bit, my boyfriend and I head over to look at the planes.

    (Oh, and to those asking about politics . . . I don’t watch TV or have a landline phone, and haven’t had any people come knocking on my door. So life is normal, basically.)

  9. As a native of Pennsylvania, living in Texas for the last 10 years, I *do* miss seasons AND snow. No lovely show of color on the leaves down here; the pecan trees just get brown and drop their leaves all at once around Thanksgiving. I hope to someday soon get back to the northeast so I can enjoy seasons again.

  10. Summer is my favorite, but that’s due to my childhood, youth, and mannish boy days, which were largely spent on tropical islands. Still, you’re right about the colors of Autumn. Nothing like it.

  11. Wow, this scene looks so familiar! It looks like an area close to where my wife and I lived a few years ago, close to the Easton Town Center. We lived on Charter Oak Way in the Easton Commons, Columbus, OH. Now, we’re back in South FL. Fall was pretty there, but winters here are much warmer.

  12. Oh that’s a pretty tree!

    We have a teeny tiny garden (no purty trees); but I love going running in the local “country park” (er, it’s a wooded area with paths) at this time of year, seeing all the changes in the colours of the trees.

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