Behold! The Bride of Frankenscalzi!

She’s married to a monster! And I am glad.

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  1. The dramatist at work. Follow scenes of intensity with something lighthearted to cleanse the emotional palate. And by the way…saw Bride of Frankenstein two nights ago, for the first time ever on a big quality screen, and it’s even better than I thought it was. Love the photo, too.

  2. You’re the monster?

    Then who constructed you? Dr. Frahnkensteen?

    Did Eye-gore grab the jar marked “Abby Normal”?

    I’ll be here all week, folks.

  3. Dude, I have to admit I was busy and only took a cursory glance at all you wrote and I broke the one rule you asked not to break. Sorry for that! The 17 y/o you is still you and that is quite amazing. If only everyone were so focused at that age.

  4. I repeat myself: your wife is oddly monochrome and oversaturated (and now your bookshelf is, too!). But it remains true that it’s what’s inside, beneath all that black-and-white surface, that counts.

  5. What’s inside that counts? The gooey, red stuff?

    I for one am appalled that we have no photos of Frankenscalzi itself. Or the Child of Frankenscalzi, the Dog of Frankenscalzi, the Numerous Cats of Frankenscalzi, the mad officelab of Frankenscalzi, Frankenscalzi’s Castle…

  6.     … or the infernal Frankenscalzi grammophone, perhaps better known to the Nmrs. Cats o.F. as THE SPINNY TABLE OF SCIENCE AND DEATH.

    No question, that is one gorgeous monster. Just look at that precision stitchwork!

  7. I think you two should really dress in “pairs costume” If I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion – each of you dresses as a foot, one right and the other left. That would work the best if someone at the party spoke Italian. Go Scalzi!

  8. @ George William Herbert

    The Bunny of Frankenscalzi ate the whole clan. Now the Bride of Frankenscalzi’s reign is undisputed. Except for that pesky rabbit, but rabbit soup goes great with pumpkin pie. Yum.