Hey Look Everybody I Made You a Podcast For Reals

In which I talk about Star Wars stuff, including a story about when I was asked to write a Star Wars novel. Plus writing and bloggy things and also I REVEAL THE SECRET END OF SG:U. It’s about 30 minutes long.

Or download it.

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  1. Don’t suppose you have a transcript for those of us at work? Or maybe we should actually be working…

  2. Thanks for the podcast. Bridge of Birds! Love that book. Been meaning to read the sequel since last year, but I have slight flaw in my character that keeps increasing my TBR pile.

  3. Ah, so THAT’s what happened with SG:U. I would never have guessed. I guess it was a fair direction, though, considering the overall SG mythos – but maybe its better that it didn’t make it to the audiences, as there would be quite an uproar – moreso than what we got instead.

  4. I have a lot of respect for Lucas for a lot of the reasons you’ve said. But I’m also pretty excited about the sale, because new stuff! And Kathleen Kennedy! (Who’s actually been sitting in the big chair for a little while, but I’m still excited about it).

    And while a respect that a lot of fans are really worried that Disney is going to kill whatever their favorite thing is about Star Wars, I’ve never been a fan of the whole ‘continuity above all’ approach. I wouldn’t mind the Expanded Universe getting rebooted (I wouldn’t mind the films getting rebooted either, for that matter). No one’s going to come into my house and take away my Star Wars novels/DVDs/red M&M sharpied to look like Darth Maul. I think caring a little less about what is and isn’t canon could be one of the best things to happen to the franchise.

  5. And now that I’ve reached this part of the podcast, I’d like to say that Mary Anne Mohanraj’s guest posts really were a “lightbulb” moment for me in terms of privilege. It probably was a gradual process for me, but I can pinpoint those posts as the moment when I was like “I’m going to completely change the way I think about the rest of the world because you, Mary Anne Mohanraj, have made it simple for me!”

    Which wasn’t your posts directly, but it was something you facilitated. So thanks for that.

  6. Providing you ever have the time, you should definitely make more podcasts! Weekly scalzi podcasts!!

  7. I *didn’t see that ending coming. Especially not at 00m:44s.
    Stupid aborted download.

    Need coffee, dammit.

  8. Thanks for answering my question! I’m currently working on the second draft of my first novel, and when you posted about cranking out the last portion of “The Human Division” and then immediately firing it off to your editor I was both awed and horrified :)

  9. Scalzi,

    Have you ever wondered WHY people seem to think you should be outraged and go into killing rage over something like New Coke and stuff? You come across as a MAJORLY thoughtful and rational person. Why would someone think you would go all postal on the people who made New Coke anyway?

    (Not to pick on the New Coke questioner – it’s an example of the phenom I’m talking about is all…)

  10. BTW, you are a complete asshole for doing this (previous post was commented before I had finished listening). Happy Halloween, man.

  11. Kudos for the Matt Stover mention. I wonder what happened to his blog though – it’s like he’s disappeared off the internet since Caine’s Law came out.

  12. On reflection, I think I prefer the mystery. I usually feel disappointed when all the answers are in.

  13. Anybody have the time in the podcast for the SG:U ending? I don’t really feel like listening to the whole thing.

  14. You, Mr. Scalzi, are a mind teasing genius! I honestly thought you were going to tell us something about SG: U. But you not saying anything makes me wonder if they’re going to pick back up where they left off! Anyway, great podcast. Lots of interesting topics covered. You should do these more often.

  15. RE: What would a Star Wars novel witten by John Scalzi look like?

    I will gleefully point questioning minds to John M. Ford’s unabashedly fun ‘How Much For Just The Planet?’ in the Pocket Books Star Trek series. (and it’s very, very good predecessor and more serious predecessor, ‘The Final Reflection’. ) If Scalzi hasn’t read it, I will GLADLY send him my treasured copy.

  16. You didn’t answer my question: Was it diffclt 2 redo Piper’s Little Fuzzy? How did u manage the change in writing styles, & how close did u you hew to the original

  17. Thank you for that… in SG-u I think the guy sits in the hot seat and spends three years with his girl friend on a tropical island… gets down loaded by aliens and becomes a computer simulation of human behaviour in a zoo. The rest of the cast stay frozen until they reach the edge of space, Come out of their pods and find the on switch and turn the universe off.

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