It’s the Daughter of the Bride of Frankenscalzi!

And thus completes the Frankenscalzi trifecta. Happy Halloween, everybody.

14 Comments on “It’s the Daughter of the Bride of Frankenscalzi!”

  1. Happy Halloween!
    And, dude, the Daughter of the Bride of Frankenscalzi is by far the most sinister looking of the three. Scary!

  2. Profound apologies for the off-topicality. Would have loved to e-mail, couldn’t find any way to do so. Very slow today.
    Also Dudette. Dudess. Dudarina. Something like that.

  3. “Dude” has been a gender-neutral term for decades. Addressing a group as “you guys” doesn’t preclude the inclusion of women.

    I think a FrankenRedshirt is a very logical development. What else are ya gonna do with all the corpses while you’re out on your 5 year mission with advanced science?

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