Announcing the Scalzi Super Bundle from Subterranean Press — This November Only

Hey, you like buying in bulk, right? Then here’s a deal for you: Subterranean Press has put together a bundle of all their Scalzi titles (all of the titles you see above, plus my extraordinarily topical short story “An Election”) and made them available to you in electronic form for a single low price: $7.99 (in the US; price may vary elsewhere). Which is more than 50% off what you would pay for them individually. And yes, they are all of them DRM-free. But you only get this bundle this month, so if you want it, get it soon.

(If you have some of these already but remember that you want others, the titles here are also still available individually, with prices starting at 99 cents).

Here’s where to get the bundle: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon UK.

Now, go! Buy! Make your ancestors proud.

Update, 3:06pm: This note from Tobias Buckell, who in addition to being an excellent writer also created the files for these works:

Judge Sn has been added to the bundle, FYI. It can vary how long it will take for the new file to show up (instantly to 48 hrs), but anyone who purchased prior to the new upload should be able to go into their account and redownload the file and get the updated version.

-Tobias Buckell

54 Comments on “Announcing the Scalzi Super Bundle from Subterranean Press — This November Only”

  1. To anticipate the question: These are the only electronic retailers that I know have the bundle available. I don’t know if it will be available elsewhere.

  2. But what do we do if we have all of them already John? Do we just read all these tremendously wonderful writings that everyone should buy right away if you don’t already have them?

  3. Is it a US-only price at Amazon? Amazon shows me $9.99 but Amazon UK shows me £5.11, which is near $7.99, not $9.99. The only thing is, I have credit at Amazon, not Amazon UK… I would like to hear from readers in other countries what price you see.

  4. Bought it. Thanks for the heads up… but what I really want is the audio narrated by Wil Wheaton version. I seem to have a lot more “listening” time than I do reading time.

  5. It’s probably because I’m a foreigner (Sweden), but the prices are different when I look. At, it’s $11.49. At B&N, $7.99. At Kobo, $8.24. Can’t see the price at as I’m not allowed to buy Kindle books from there due to their geographic restrictions.

  6. Jake, it’s a single file, not multiple files. That makes it one of the larger (non-graphic) ebooks I have now :). (Just checked, second largest, the largest being Dark Lord: The Early Years. Which has lots of graphics in it.)

  7. Mine Host: If this is supposed to be “all” of Subterranean Press’ Scalzi titles, why is Judge Sn Goes Golfing excluded? I ask because you read it aloud at the (sadly now defunct) Olsson’s bookstore in DC 4 or 5 years ago, before it became a standalone story. What a great privilege to have Gahan Wilson do cover art for you. (Wilson’s “Click!” in the National Lampoon, circa 1972, is fun, and I just found it as a scan:

  8. Gottacook: you make an excellent catch. I will be off to fix that, it’s an error I made (I designed the eBook) and I’ll fix it and reupdate the file at all the eBook venues, so anyone who has purchased them can download the new version and all new purchases will get it shortly. Thanks!

  9. Great! Can anybody explain to me what to do to get the eBook as an ePub file? Buy on amazon (would be available in my country there, might be less hassle with payment) and then I get a file that I can convert with Calibre? I don’t buy eBooks often and haven’t used one of th big retailers yet…
    Thanks in advance!

  10. Congratulations John on making me break my unwritten rule to not purchase any living authors work for my kindle. I had been keeping it for dead authors (like Mark Twain’s entire catalogue) for my edification and sampling new material such as Redshirts which I intend to buy the dead tree version because you get more money and hence more encouragement, and I get physicality whch is important to me.
    But this was too good to miss and you only have yourself to blame.

  11. … which is why Tobias Buckell is awesome. Well John is awesome too. What the hell, awesome for everybody!

  12. @sgk: you can buy worldwide as ePub, DRM free, via Kobo books.

    For those of you wondering why it wasn’t $7.99 everywhere, tacks on a random surcharge to overseas sales depending on whether it has a presence there. So in most cases it should be $7.99 or converted equivalents but in some cases Amazon takes over and adds to the price. If it’s more than that, try taking a look at Kobo books if you are able to read ePubs.


  13. Prices confirmed – Amazon UK also won’t let me buy (from Portugal), but Amazon FR and DE will (@ €6.36). Kobo is another option (and since I have a Kobo, it’s probably the one I’ll buy :-) even though they’re selling for €6.78.

    It’s curious that Amazon US lists the price as $11.49, although I *suspect* that’s for us International visitors, since the price also appears with a footnote: “includes VAT* & free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet” (and, so far as I remember, “VAT” is referred to as “Sales Tax” over there :-)

  14. Dammit Scalzi!
    You just made me break a promise to my wife (technically not a true promise, more of a threat from her really)!

    I had to agree to not to buy anything for myself for the next few weeks until my birthday.
    The problem is I needed new stuff to read and couldn’t pass it up.

    Oh well….. you have space on the couch if she doesn’t take it well? Right?………RIGHT!?

  15. Judge Sn has been added to the bundle, FYI. It can vary how long it will take for the new file to show up (instantly to 48 hrs), but anyone who purchased prior to the new upload should be able to go into their account and redownload the file and get the updated version.

    -Tobias Buckell

  16. Well, I’d prefer a broken up set of files, but since it’s DRM free I should be able to do it myself, just take a bit of work.

  17. @Dhubghall:

    Let her think it was her idea to buy you this as a ‘gift’ … in fact, put the receipt in a card to you from her and claim she must have forgotten…

    You will need to act really surprised and excited though.

  18. Wow. Amazon tacks on $5 for VAT and “international electronic delivery” if you order Kindle from Hungary – and the surcharge disappears if I come in on a VPN. Since Hungary’s VAT rate is 27% = $2.15, I call shenanigans.

  19. Amazon also tacks on a $2 surcharge in countries where it doesn’t have an agreement with a 3G data carrier. $7.99 + $2 *1.27 = $12.69

    Since it’s DRM-free, just buy from somewhere else and convert to Kindle format using calibre or KindleGen.

  20. Huzzah! I already have The God Engines in dead-tree format, but I don’t have the rest. It’s a fine deal. Especially at the current dollar-to-yen exchange. Thanks!

  21. @torhyth Thanks a lot, don’t know why I missed the note about the file format on the Kobo page.

  22. Sweet…now all I’ll need is Agent to the Stars and The Android’s Dream and I’ll have the full set of Scalzi action figures! Thanks for the heads up and your welcome for your kiddo’s college education :)

  23. Bought.

    For the record, I’m extremely lazy. I wanted it but it’s availability through Amazon direct to my Kindle is what sealed the deal.

  24. Tobias,
    Thanks for the explanation about Amazon’s pricing; at least they’re not (as far as I saw) playing silly buggers with a different price depending on WHO you are, it’s just the usual reality meets global publishing infrastructure / legal BS – FWIW, it’s $US7.99 from from Australia. And 7.99 is even less in real money (i.e. AUD).

    4 new books I hadn’t got round to getting (plus the convenience of all 8 as non DRM): $US7.99
    The chance to give one of my top two authors some money: priceless !!

  25. BTW, when I bought the bundle, it was #13 (with a bullet or a stake ?) in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction

  26. So I have the ePub in my digital virtual hands. Am I allowed to pull the compendium apart and store the books separately in my library?

    Judge Sn still not up on Kobo, I bought the compendium about five minutes ago as of this writing.

  27. Good grief. This stuff is horrible. Just … can’t … stop … reading … cheesy … schlocky … horrible … it’s the sticky date pudding of literature.

    Must have more!

  28. Yes, having bought it as soon as I saw it I’m still glaring at Kobo as well; presumably they will get around to fixing it at some point. It’s a pity because I try to use Kobo to offset creeping Amazonia but this sort of thing does put one off it…

  29. I bought it on the 5th from Amazon, and it arrived on my Kindle sans Judge Sn. Still no update as of today. I tried downloading on Kindle for iPhone just now and it still grabbed the Sn-less version. But if you look at the page linked to in the post, it now lists Judge Sn as being part of it. Anyone else having this problem and/or know how to kick Amazon in the pants and make them update it for existing purchasers? Hopefully this takes less time than Redshirts, where I got the DRM’d version from Amazon (and then a DRM-free Mobi replacement from Macmillan) the day it came out, but just finally got an updated DRM free version from Amazon last week.

  30. I would have preferred it if the bundle arrived as separate files instead of one big file. That way it would automatically pause when reading one book in the bundle if you wanted to read another book in the bundle. (I guess making a bookmark would work there.) You’d also be also to file the single books away when finished with them. Still, it is a nice deal.

  31. Almost forgot about this bundle until now! I just picked it up from for €4.07 (40% discount on top of the original low price!), using the discount code “BargainMoose40” – see for this and other discount codes.

    It also seems that today (26 November 2012) there are a bunch of “Cyber Monday” discount codes available too, for 30, 50 or 80% off. I couldn’t verify any of these since a (relatively) recent change in means I keep getting redirected to the Portuguese language pages (and selecting “English” doesn’t help much «sigh». Sometimes I *hate* the geolocation features built into browsers :-)

  32. Thank you for this – always wanted to read your stuff but kept putting it off. The price was too good to resist anyway but the bundle being DRM-free sweetened the deal. Have bought them now (off Kobo) and now I’m looking forward to the weekend!

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