Scalzi Animal Update

Folks have been asking after the feral cat and the bunny, on account I have not discussed them here recently, so for those interested, an update.

1. First, bad news on the bunny front: The bunny escaped from her outside hutch, which we moved her to during the summer, roughly a month ago and has not been seen since. How she escaped is a matter of some debate, although the likely answer is that Athena had a party for some of her friends and one of them accidentally jostled one of the several latches on the bunny cage, opening one of the doors and allowing the rabbit to hop off (we don’t expect it was an intentional thing. None of Athena’s friends are like that). We searched for her for several days in the treeline, but she’s gone. We like to think that she hopped off, found a nice boy bunny, et cetera and so on. We had the bunny for almost exactly a year, and during that time she had a pretty sweet life, so at least there’s that.

2. On the feral cat front, we took the cat in and got it all fixed up, and the cat repaid us by saying “later” and heading out at the first convenient opportunity. Which is fine. He was emphatically not interested in us, he was interested in the food we provided, so when we went out of our way to do things to him he found annoying, his solution was to take off. This is part of that vaunted feline independence you hear so much about, I suppose.

3. Ironically, however, as one small black cat was kissing us off, another small black cat showed up. And unlike the feral cat, this little black cat was ridiculously gregarious, positively demanding the pettings, as well as the foods. Her complete comfort with humans suggests that she was, like two of the three cats we have at the house, probably someone else’s cat (or at least was born to someone else’s cat) and then dropped off out here in the boonies. But while she was adorable and sweet as hell, we already have three cats, which I consider the optimal maximum load for the Scalzi compound.

Fortunately, my mother-in-law had recently come into the market for a cat, both because she likes cats and because she was having a problem with mice in her house, so this little black kitten (and this one is a kitten; the vet says she is less than a year old) found a nice new home with her and has been ridiculously spoiled since. And she’s killed several mice in the house, so everyone’s happy. So everyone say hello to Queenie, my cat-in-law. She’s the one in the picture above.

All other animals (Daisy, Ghlaghghee, Lopsided Cat, Zeus) are perfectly happy and healthy.

This has been your Scalzi Animal Update; further news as events warrant.

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  1. “And she’s killed several mice in the house, so everyone’s happy.”

    Well, except for the mice, I suppose. Although, being dead, they probably can’t be said to be unhappy, either.

  2. Matthew: only if the black cats are secretly alien invaders, then I hear some of the XCom member nations might be interested in purchasing them on the grey market. ;)

  3. Well, except for the mice, I suppose. Although, being dead, they probably can’t be said to be unhappy, either.

    Pehaps ‘Call no man happy till he is dead’ applies to mice as well.

  4. The real question we have is, who is Ghlaghghee voting for?

    All cats write themselves in. Cat democracy is a complete hash.

  5. Thanks for the update. I actually started following your blog when you found feral cat and had been wondering what happened to him.

  6. Cats choose who they live with, not the other way around.
    There is nothing more expensive than a free cat.
    Our last stray cat lived with us for 12 years, on two different continents and several states. When she passed, it was a palpable loss. No cat has wandered into our lives since, but I am sure one will.

  7. Years ago, my mom, who had cats the whole time I was growing up, was having trouble with mice in her house. After she trapped one under a stainless steel mixing bowl on her counter and then poured bleach and ammonia on the counter and covered it with a larger bowl. Deciding that her Saddam Hussein solution to the mice was eventually going to backfire, I called the Humane Society and explained that I wanted a cat as a companion/mouser for my mom. The woman started to lecture me how that was immoral, that cats aren’t ‘work’ animals, etc. I’m astounded how divorced some people are from understanding basic biology.

  8. Mike:
    All cats write themselves in. Cat democracy is a complete hash.

    Up until Catpitan Jack Sparrow-eater votes for his favorite (even though he’s down to 8 lives because of her) female cat, and all heck breaks loose as someone wins a narrow plurality…

  9. Thank you for that update.

    Thing that happened to me “recently” is I was swearing at the snow,
    not falling down and definitely not breaking a beer bottle and heard an
    [I’m freezing to death] desperate meow.
    Over the next three days that cat ate, per day, much more than I, per
    day, eat.
    —Headline: Nine Pound Cat Eats More Than 230 Bald Guy!!—
    And when I was trying to find out who’s cat that was the girl in the
    the vacant house who had a cast on her arm petted him, and seemed
    like somebody I’d, uhm, be harsh at persons who weren’t nice to her.
    She called his coat soft, and there was somebody else in the background.

    The next day that house was empty.

    A Thing that happened at that vacant house was a bunch of people
    showed up and had a party about twice per year.
    Now? Seems to be a family living there.

  10. You missed one. The wereskunk you all were wearing as a wig around Halloween? How is it doing?

  11. A. Sorry about bunny. B. Feral cats, especially adults, are not easily tamed. Thanks for getting the cat spayed or neutered and for caring for him or her. C. Thanks so much for finding a home for that kitten. Responsible people like you make my heart happy!

  12. Thank you for the update. I had been wondering too and considered writing you an email, asking. And thank you for doing the right thing too. Sorry to hear about your bunny.

  13. @Andres McDonald: me too!

    Whatever else happens to feral kitty- at least he’s not going to father more kitties.

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