How to Get Signed and Personalized Scalzi Books for the Holidays, 2012

The holidays are coming up — as they seem to do every year — and once again I am teaming up with Jay & Mary’s Book Center, my local bookseller, to sign and personalize any books of mine that you want for your favorite gift-giving holiday of the season. It’s my way of helping you give a special gift, and helping out a local business. Everybody wins!

So: Want a signed and/or personalized Scalzi book for yourself or someone you love/like/are in some way obligated to? Here’s what you do:

1. Call Jay and Mary’s at their 800 number (800 842 1604) and let them know you’d like to order signed copies of my books. Please call rather than send e-mail; they find it easier to keep track of things that way.

2. Tell them which books you would like (For example, Redshirts), and what, if any, names you would like the book signed to. If there’s something specific you’d like written in the books let them know but for their sake and mine, please keep it short.

3. Order any other books you might think you’d like, written by other people, because hey, you’ve already called a bookstore for books, and helping local independent bookstores is a good thing. I won’t sign these, unless for some perverse reason you want me to, in which case, sure, why not.

4. Give them your mailing address and billing information, etc.

5. And that’s it! Shortly thereafter I will go to the store and sign your books for you.

If you want the book shipped for Christmas, the deadline for that is December 12. That way we can make sure everything ships to you on time. Hey, that’s a month; more than enough time for you to make your selections.

Also, this is open to US residents only. Sorry, rest of the world.

What books are available?

CURRENT HARDCOVER: Redshirts, METAtropolis. Also, there might be some copies of The God Engines left out there, but I can’t guarantee it; you can ask.

CURRENT MASS MARKET PAPERBACK: Fuzzy Nation, Old Man’s War, The Ghost Brigades, The Last Colony, Zoe’s Tale, The Android’s Dream, Agent to the Stars, The New Space Opera 2 (anthology; my story “The Tale of the Wicked” is in it).

CURRENT NON-FICTION: Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded (essay collection, Hugo winner), Book of the Dumb, Book of the Dumb 2 (both humor books), The Rough Guide to the Universe, second edition (Astronomy), The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies (film). All my non-fiction is in Trade Paperback format.

If you have any other questions, drop them in the comment thread and I’ll try to answer them.

Happy shopping and especially thanks for supporting my local bookseller. They’re good people and I’m glad I get to work with them. And thank you!

22 Comments on “How to Get Signed and Personalized Scalzi Books for the Holidays, 2012”

  1. Hmm … because of my paranoia-induced refusal to use e-readers, I’ve been forced to wait a while to read the Human Division. The print version is being released right before my birthday, though. Would you be willing to do something similar for the release of Human Division for us e-Reading refuseniks?

  2. Actually, I have a copy of the book. But I wasn’t able to make it to Chicon, and with your dearth of upcoming appearances, I’ll just have to bide my time. :)

  3. That, or Jay and Mary just don’t want to deal with international shipping – which I can’t blame them for.

  4. Ooo…I’m snagging me some signed Scalzi of The Rough Guide to the Universe. I never buy hardback fiction because I always give those away or donate them to my local library (only enough shelf-space in my house for my non-fiction library and rarely do I twice read any work of fiction anyway).

    If you have any other questions, drop them in the comment thread and I’ll try to answer them.

    Can I get Wil Wheaton’s John Hancock instead? :-D

    @ Govoria

    *I* just have to wait for Canada to become part of the United States.

    Fixed that fer ya’…your welcome.

    Besides, do you really want us dragging your hockey game down?

  5. [Deleted for being obnoxious. If you don’t like the specifics of the service, Mr. Dennison, don’t use it — JS]

  6. I wonder if R. Crumb might be interested in doing an illustrated version of The God Engines? I really liked his Genesis.

  7. I will avail myself of this offer.

    Re: ” I won’t sign these, unless for some perverse reason you want me to, in which case, sure, why not.” I am actually the jerk who once got Scott Lynch to sign a copy of Asimov’s Foundation and Empire. Because it was all I had on me at the time. It’s the prize of my collection now.

  8. Called in an order today. Was pleased to encounter excellent and efficient service. I’ll be making the same call for future gifts. Thanks for supporting local businesses and making this an option for us who can’t make it to your book signings.

  9. Hi John
    can i bride you with swiss chocolade to get a signed book send to the snowy switzerland? :)

  10. Just placed my order! It was easy and very friendly. I am quite pleased. It’s just possible I will order all of my books from Jay and Mary’s! Thank you, sir. I look forward to the screams of glee I will receive from the opening of the stockings.

  11. After seeing the chat with The Bloggess and others today, I have been reading (stalking) your blog today and came across this. A lot of your books sound like a great fit for the husband and I and I’d love to order a signed one for him. Of all of your fiction books, which do you suggest we start with?

  12. @ Brooke

    I haven’t read all John’s books, but I started with Old Man’s War because I was into transhumanism stuff at the time, and it mashes that up with military SF tropes that, although well worn, are both excellently executed and done with enough subversive humor to poke fun at the classics like Starship Troopers and The Forever War while still taking the themes seriously. If you want something a little lighter but just as solid, I’d say The Android’s Dream is a good introduction. I haven’t read Redshirts yet. I downloaded the e-book, but found reading off my tablet to be eye-exhausting, so I’m waiting until I have a Kindle. Anyway, by all accounts it’s his biggest hit yet, and a must-read for any Star Trek fan. If you call Jay & Mary’s Book Center, you can snag a signed hardcopy for your spousal unit.

    Hope that helps.

  13. We are the worst bunch of procrastinators. Ever.
    In spite of being on the phone all day with all of us last minute folks, Mary was delightful and extremely helpful. I will definitely be ordering books again next year for Xmas.

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