Today is Redshirts Publication Day in the UK

For all my British friends who were wondering when it was they might be able to get their hands on the actual, verified, made-in-the-UK version of Redshirts: Today is that day! Rush this very instant to your favorite bookstore and demand it. Politely, please. Don’t, like, upend a front table as soon as you arrive to the store and bellow “DAMN YOUR EYES WHERE IS REDSHIRTS?!?” to the now appalled and terrified retail staff. They’re just trying to get along with their day, man. They don’t need that sort of scene. You can also get it online: Here’s the Amazon UK link; here it is at Waterstone’s.

The astute and/or fanatical among you may note that Redshirts is being published in the UK by Gollancz, which is to say, yes, I have a new publisher in the UK. I’m delighted to be working with them, and hopefully this will be the start of a beautiful relationship. Much will depend on the sales figures. But I believe in you, UK! Hey, did you know that the holidays are coming up? That’s what they tell me. It may just be a rumor. But if the rumors are true, Redshirts would be a fine gift for yourself, the ones you love, and also just random people. Seriously, buy the book, walk up to some person you don’t know, thrust the book at them and say “All the answers are in here. You’ll know them when you see them. I can’t say any more. They are watching me,” and then just walk off, cryptically. Studies I have just made up in my head show it’s the best way to get random people to read a book.

On second thought, just stick with the people you know. Probably for the best that way.

In any event, UK, I do hope you enjoy Redshirts. I had fun writing it; I think you’ll have fun reading it.

(P.S. Check out the latest SFX Magazine; it’s got a thumbs-up review of the book which declares that the book “doesn’t boldly go up its own arse.” That’s a blurb for the paperback for sure!)

(P.P.S: And here’s a new review at Sci-Fi Bulletin, which says “Think of a combination of Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead and Galaxy Questand you’ve got the flavour of John Scalzi’s latest novel Redshirts – but it’s much more than that.”)

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