A Girl and Her Dog

Daisy, figuring that Krissy could use some puppy time today. Krissy agrees.

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  1. The true face of socialism? Don’t kid yourselves. The Reds would infilitrate a puppy into every God-fearing American’s home. But true patriots don’t need love or family or even homes. They just need the righteous glow of knowing that only the deserving have cuddly pets and that one day they will be among the elect to own a spaniel or at least a corgi of some kind.

  2. That’s possibly the best picture you’ve ever taken. Well, maybe not; that’s a hard thing to judge. But really an exceptionally wonderful one.

  3. I need puppy time, too. Unfortunately, I am puppyless at the moment. Perhaps Sunday, I will go to the rescue adoption place and cuddle their puppies for a while.

  4. Dog snuggling should happen to all humans. I’m lucky enough to have my own little dawg at the office with me most days. Just now, he’s wiggling at me because we are late for the midday walk.

  5. A great example of unconditional love. I think pet ownership is the BALLS!!!! Just to put it lightly. Great picture John.

  6. PrivateIron, I know you were trying to be funny, but did you have to drag that political trash in here, even in satirical form? C’mon, man, have some respect for dog time.

  7. Lovely, lovely photo.

    One of my patients has an elderly and very sweet Golden Retriever; having said dog mosey up and lean her forehead on my leg is frequently the highlight of my week. Viva puppy time!

  8. PI, we know you’re trying to be lighthearted and clever, just be careful to not stumble into clevers failure mode! Awesome photo by the way John.

  9. Who’s a good girl? Is it Daisy? It’s definitely Daisy! What a great moment to have on film.

  10. Beautiful moment captured, John. The term “unconditional love” gets bandied about quite a bit with dogs – rarely is the absolute comfort and purity of the concept so wonderfully captured. I’ve been lucky enough to share my life with two wonderful dogs so far, and this photo brings me tears of joyful recognition of the deep bond we can have with these wonderful characters.

    Now please excuse me, I must go and hug my puppy and blub for a bit.

  11. Wife and self are currently suffering through a period of no dogs. Six years ago we had three. The last of them passed away unexpectedly in March. We’re living in a temporary place while our house is being renovated and can’t have a dog. Your photo made me simultaneously very happy, deeply envious, and profoundly sad. We are very much looking forward to getting back into our house in January. We will be all over the local rescue organizations on that day.

  12. Yep, I’m a cat person too but you got me!

    I hope Krissy gets better soon. Also, am wondering what you are going to do with the foot cast. I mean, it’s not as if you could stick a strip of bacon to it…

  13. John, lovely photo. We all need quality snuggling time with our pets. My dog thinks that she is my child (and is terribly spoiled) but she just receives the love she deserves. Daisy clearly requires some Frosty Paws doggie ice cream. Your lovely wife deserves Ben &Jerry ice cream, but you need to be close to help her if necessary.

  14. One, great picture. Two, don’t show this to my daughter. She wants a dog. My five cats would disagree with this idea. But it is way too cute for words.

  15. What a sweet photo. So peaceful. I didn’t understand why people made a big fuss about dogs before I got 2 last September. Was always a cat person. Now I completely understand.

  16. I had surgery years ago and my two Manchester Terriers never left my side during my recuperation. Dogs know when you feel bad. (so do cats, but that’s a post for another day)