Monday Is Blatant Advertisements For Myself Day

And here are three!

One: Redshirts made the initial cut in the Goodreads Best Science Fiction 2012 context and has made it into the finals along with nine other science fiction books. If you would like to vote for it, or — treasonously — one of the other nine books, the link to do that is here. Once you’ve linked through, move your cursor to the book of your choice  and a “button” will appear. And there you have it.

Two: A reminder that if you were hoping to get signed books for me for the holidays, and excellent way to do that is to call in an order to my local bookstore, Jay & Mary’s Book Center, before December 10. The the signed, personalized books shall be yours. Bwa ha ha ha ha hah ha! Click here for all the details.

Three: Time is running out for you to grab the Scalzi Super Bundle from Subterranean Press: All the SubPress Scalzi titles — eight in all, and all DRM-free — for just $7.99 (in the US, possibly slightly more elsewhere). The bundle goes away at the end of the month. So hurry, or live your life in regret. Here’s the link for more on that — er, for the bundle, not for living your life in regret. No way I’m going to link to that.

17 Comments on “Monday Is Blatant Advertisements For Myself Day”

  1. Long since picked up the bundle – grabbed it as soon as the gift certificate I was expecting showed up! If I gather up some extra cash before the 10th I’ll be giving your store a call, but it all depends on finances…

  2. The temptation of the Scalzi Super Bundle is one of the things pushing me into e-readerdom… but I’m not there yet! When does this awesome sale end, sir? Do I need to go out and buy my platform today, or can it wait until next week? Or perhaps the week after that…?

  3. “possibly slightly more elsewhere” — or slightly less; just bought it for just the equivalent of 6.60 USD from Switzerland.

  4. I voted for Redshirts, but then The Long Earth was the only other one on the list that I’ve read so far, though Alien Proliferation is on my shelf pending reading a couple of other earlier books in that series (and any of the three Koch books I’ve read would probably have beaten out Redshirts, which I liked OK but not as much as most of your other books. Or any of Weber’s three books this year, or half a dozen other books that didn’t make the finals. So be it.

  5. I wanted to vote for “Redshirts”, I did, I really did…BUT they had to put “Earth Unaware” on the list! I actually bought two copies of “Redshirts” and the Audiobook however, compared to just the book for “Earth Unaware” so I think you come out OK in the end.

  6. It’s so nice of people to post on your blog that is was difficult or downright impossible for them to vote for your book. I, on the other hand, was able to whole-heartedly vote for Redshirts with nary a twinge of regret or second thought.

    Hey, what’s that brown stuff on my nose?

  7. I’m horribly ashamed of myself, but I felt that I had to be honest. I voted for ‘Wool’. There are three reasons, which are as follows: #1 – I’m reading Wool now and I’m loving it. #2 – It’s independently published, which inspired me to investigate this method for myself. #3 – I bought ‘Wool’ before ‘Redshirts’ and started reading ‘Wool’ before ‘Redshirts’, and as I said I’m currently reading ‘Wool’…which means I haven’t read ‘Redshirts’ yet.

    I have to admit that I really do feel like a traitor, because I prefer you over Howey in the big picture. I guess I’m just biased right now. But hey, you still have my money for ‘Redshirts’ (along with the Subterranean Bundle and a number of other titles)! So, you’ve got a lot more of my money than Howey and I’m happy to give it to you. I still feel bad. Sorry.

  8. So some good new and some bad news… Bad news: Sorry mate, I love Red Shirts but Caliban’s War was top notch and Daniel Abraham kinda locks that one for me. Good news: I bought your bundle after voting. So yeah, I opted to put more money in your pocket over the prestige. So… cheers to that.

  9. In an effort to pump up your ego a little more, feel free to add my endorsement wherever you like.

    “Redshirts – You’ll laugh. You’ll cry You’ll… Oh hell, just buy the damn book. You love it!”

  10. I voted for Angelmaker because its the only one I have actually read, But redshirts is on my kindle (finally) as it The Long Earth. A couple of other could be interesting also (Wool, Caliban’s War, Year Zero), so thanks for the link!

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