New Books and ARCs, 11/20/12

What’s been sent to me just today, in fact. There’s some very cool stuff in here.

See anything here you like/want/passionately desire? Unburden yourself in the comment thread!

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  1. Ooh, the next Girl Genius novel. I find the pacing in the novels much more to my personal satisfaction than the graphic novels, even though the latter are quite lovely.

  2. I’ve been curious about Neal Asher’s “The Departure.” I didn’t think he had a US distributor though, and the last couple times I tried to order something from The Book Depository in the UK, they were unable to fill my order.

  3. Hmm. Nothing specifically on my reading list, but a title like “Between” is likely to sucker me into picking it up. I’m also a sucker for pretty book covers, so “Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess” would find its way to my bookshelf.

  4. So, clearly, with so many books, you don’t need your copy of the new Dresden book and can send it to me.

  5. At first glance, not quite as amazing as the last stack, but on second look…

    Oh yes, Agatha H and the Clockwork Princess. Who care if I’ve read all the strips, the novelization is still pretty cool.
    And that Amazing Weapons book looks neat.
    Beyond that, mostly stuff that’s unfamiliar but I’d take a look if it were dropped in front of me.

  6. Do you read even book you get!?! how do you have time for your own writing and everything else?

  7. I’m thinking with the stacks you receive most of your Christmas shopping has already been done for you.

  8. Oh, will LOVE hearing more about the Popular Mechanics book when it’s released. I have to tell some of my customers at the bookstore; they’ll snap it up.

  9. Mine’s The Departure by Neal Asher, thank you ever so much.

    Also some new glasses, because I spent far too long fruitlessly searching for a Gregory Benford title in that lot, based on Miche’s comment above.

  10. First time I see a book in one of your stacks that I have already read. I have the UK versions of The Departure and it’s sequel, Zero Point, and can highly recommend them. Glad to see that Neal Asher found a US publisher.

    @David Wilson: I’m ordering my UK editions from and never had a problem with deliveries to the US.

  11. I passionately desire Ever After, the new Kim Harrison book. And I’d definitely read quite a few of the others, but I’d like Ever After to come live on my bookshelf!

  12. John, the number of books you receive is astounding. Do you come close to reading them all? I doubt I could do more than 25% of what you display and I suspect you don’t photograph every single book that enters your house.

  13. John I know you usually don’t do reviews but can you take a quick look through “The Amazing Weaons that Never Were” and let us know what format it’s in please?

  14. OMGoddess, I’m going to start traveling up and swiping this stuff from your mailbox before you have the chance to get it!! Day-um… as an obsessive bibliophile, seeing this stuff just makes me drool….

  15. Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess & Ever After are both on my to-get list. (Hey, I’m only 500 books behind on the list… =sighs= )

  16. “The Siren Depths” by Martha Wells. I think you could read this one cold and enjoy it, but I’d recommend starting with the first in the series, “The Cloud Roads,” because, really, you don’t want to miss any of it.

  17. dude. you don’t live that far from me. i could be cool about the LAST pic, because they were all coming really REALLY soon.

    but. DUDE.

    [i am NOT seriously threatening to break into your house and steal a book. or ten thousand. i’d rather eat glass than steal a book.]
    [also, at times like this i PROVE i’m a transplant from California. i’d apologize, but i’m from California. :D ]

  18. you know, you are just WAY COOL to actually offer any of the books that you get to your blog readers, so I would be thankful to receive anything!

  19. OH! is the Harrison part of the Kefahuchi Tract series? Yes, please and thank you.

    BTW – it is very mean of you to tease us like this. Dangling delicious goodies in front of us that we can’t have yet!

  20. Neal Asher, hands down. I think I’ve read just about everything he’s written–and it wasn’t easy finding some of them. And you just get them mailed to you. Sigh.

  21. That Girl Genius novel is really calling my name. I may have to stop at the bookstore on the way home.

  22. M John Harrison, Neal Asher and the weapons book, I think. Love MJH – nothing happens in extremely wierd and bizarre ways, and I’ve still to identify a hero in any of his books.

  23. Almost Book Spine Poetry:
    King of the Damned Ever After/ Between the Burn Zone/ [and] Terminal Island/[waiting for] the Departure [from] Exile [in] Empty Space/[Oh!] the Siren Depths!/ [Come] Ghost Pirates and Others/[with] the Amazing Weapons that never were…

  24. Agatha H and the Clockwork Princess is magnificent. I’ve met the authors and they are amazing people, and you can really see all the hard work they put into their worldbuilding. I can’t wait for the next book, when the Mechanicsburg arc begins (and the scenes between Gil and Zeetha in Mamma Gkika’s!) They always pack so much detail into the novels that it enriches the overall story greatly.

  25. Okay, all books are nice in some aspect, but Neal Asher is seriously dope. Not that the other fine authors who (se publishers) sent you their books for free aren’t almost as wonderful.

  26. Man. Clearly I need to be a writer, just so I can get enough free books to actually sate my reading speed. I go through 3-4 books/week, usually.

  27. I loved ‘Light’ by M.J. Harrison. Nova Swing wasn’t as great, but still acceptable. I have to admit i yet have to read a book by you , Mr. Scalzi. I like weird Fiction as well as HardSciFi like S. Baxters Xeelee Sequence.

  28. You just cost me however much that new Kim Harrison book it. I didn’t know it was out, through deliberately avoiding places I would find out. My tactics for saving money only work if the shiny thing I want is off my radar.

    Seriously, I have loved everything Kim Harrison has ever written.

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