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Some quick Monday reminders about things and stuff:

The Subterranean Press Scalzi Super Bundle: This is the last week you can get your mitts on the Super Bundle, which brings together all of my current Subterranean Press titles in eBook form for the low, low price of $7.99 (or thereabouts, depending on country and vendor). After this Friday, this particular bundle goes away, never to return. More details here.

Signed and Personalized Scalzi Books for the Holidays: Also still ongoing, and you can get them before December 12 through my local booksellers, Jay and Mary’s Book Center. They’re great people and will be happy to take care of you. And here are more details on how to order your books.

Still Time to Vote on Goodreads Best of 2012: Redshirts is nominated in the science fiction category, along with nine others, and there are nineteen other categories for you to vote in as well. That will keep you busy. Click here for the science fiction category, and then click on the category links to the left on that page to vote for other books as well.

There you go.

9 Comments on “Advertisements for Myself”

  1. Just ordered a signed hard copy of Redshirts from Jay & Mary’s, Thanks for making my shopping so painless!

  2. John, can I just go to the bookstore and get one? I mean, do they have a stack of signed Redshirts sitting around just waiting to be purchased? (I’m not too far away – less than 40 minutes)

  3. Any plans for an open pimp thread with the holiday shopping season upon us? I could use some ideas and I also have something to push.

  4. There’s no breakthrough title this year. For me it’s going to come down to Redshirts and Shadows in Flight. I’m still pondering. Hmmmmmm…. I’ll be honest, I’m loathe to give Orson Scott Card recognition for anything ever, but it was a good little novella. I don’t know.

    Also, everyone should go vote for D.T. Max’s David Foster Wallace biography in Nonfiction. I was impressed.

    Also also, I’d consider the Scalzi Super thing, but I already have all of those on my Kindle anyway.

  5. Thanks for the reminder about the signed books.
    Sorry, I don’t follow, care about or vote for awards. Nothing personal. But wouldn’t you rather have my hard-earned money instead? You can’t spend awards on horses, though I concede that would make for an interesting permutation on the gift-economy idea.

  6. Lest I seem hypocritical, I only knew about a former SFWA pres winning a Romantic Times reader award because it was on the book’s jacket and I remember useless info like that for some reason.

  7. Either Kobo isn’t updating prior purchases, or they still don’t have the updated bundle with Judge Sn. Recommend folks go elsewhere.

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