The Guardian Checks In

And lists Redshirts as one of the best science fiction books of 2012, along with several other very excellent books by Madeline Ashby, Nick Harkaway and World Fantasy Award winner Lavie Tidhar among others. Nifty!

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  1. Oh, yeah, Nick Harkaway! The Gone-Away World was brilliant! I’ll have to check out his latest.

  2. Praise from someone who thinks that Asimov and Heinlein are “dry pabulum” should perhaps be filed in the “Even a broken clock” category…

  3. I’m half-and-half about that, Mark. While classic Asimov is really tough going for anyone, I tend to believe that Heinlein was the first SF writer who wrote both quality narrative and dialogue.

    I only have one minor beef with the article, and it is with the criticism that “contemporary SF is still, predominantly, in dialogue with its own backlist.” When has SF not been talking back to itself? Perhaps before Shelley finished writing Frankenstein….

  4. Congratulations! It is always nice to know that one’s work is appreciated and valued — even across the pond!

  5. Yay! I haven’t read most of that other stuff, but I am glad to see Ashby’s vN get some recognition.

  6. Nice to see Scalzi getting some praise for his work, but if I never again hear about this whole “science fiction is just a bunch of tired old crap” thing that has been going around lately, I’ll consider myself a lucky man.

    I’ll shut up now and get back to reading some dry pabulum.

  7. Redshirts is also included in Books Inc.’s “More books we love” list, in their December newsletter/calendar of events (San Franciso bay area). My husband, my niece, and I all read it and enjoyed it greatly on a camping trip this summer – congratulations!

  8. I just finished reading Redshirts last night. I was reticent to start it, not being a huge OMW and related books fan (I never liked RAH either, so, you know, you’re in good company…), but I’m glad I did. It’s a damn good book.

  9. Currently listening to it via Audible. Most enjoyable. Laughed out loud at the key scene where (not wanting to spoil it) a character responds to a major event with a “This is ridiculous”. Have never read any of your stuff before, but shall be treating myself to a copy of “Agent to the Stars” after this. I tip my cap in your general direction.

  10. Good for you, John. Have any of your books been turned into movies? I haven’t read a novel in years (just too busy and tired), but love sci-fi movies.