I Have Little of Interest to Say at the Moment, So Here is Krissy Reading The Human Division Before the Rest of You

Because, you know. She’s my wife. She gets to do that.

Mind you, she’s read it before, as I would give her episodes as I was writing them. But this time she’s reading them in sequence. And yes, she’s been enjoying it. And no, she wouldn’t just say that. Trust me, when I write something that does not please her, she is not shy about letting me know.

Also, don’t worry: You’ll be able to read it yourself, soon. How soon? Pretty soon. I will have more details for you on that very subject even sooner than pretty soon.

28 Comments on “I Have Little of Interest to Say at the Moment, So Here is Krissy Reading The Human Division Before the Rest of You”

  1. So resentment & jealousy of you is not enough for you, is it? You insist that we now have to have those feelings for the poor woman kind enough to marry you – as if she has not suffered enough already!

  2. I know my wife is slightly biased (sure I’m great, but she likes near everything I write). Are you sure her opinion is not tainted by confirmation bias.

    Not implying that it should be; just wondering. Heck, I’ve liked what I’ve read of yours so far. Even Zoe’s story, and I was skeptical of it.

    Nice picture, too.

  3. (Also, I thought she was going to read the Human Division TO us, like in podcast teaser format, and I was pretty excited, I gotta say.)

  4. I have been resisting the urge to pester you about the release date as December has been approaching.

  5. Trust me, when I write something that does not please her, she is not shy about letting me know.

    Somehow this does not surprise me in the slightest.

  6. Couldn’t you have at least adjusted the picture settings so we could zoom in and read the text on the screen for a teaser? Or photoshopped the text in after the fact from a second picture so Krissy’s composition would still be good? I mean what else do you have to do with your time other than to serve the internet. :)

    Looking forward to the new book.

  7. A tangentially related question for you, John- seems like I recall at some point in the distant past that you wrote that Krissy does not often appear on Whatever by her request. I notice a marked uptick in Krissy sightings over the last few months. Any intentional/conscious change, or just whatever?

  8. I should also add:
    1) Not complaining, just curious, and
    2) Entirely possible that I’m imagining the whole thing.

  9. Nice picture of her – she has a wonderful smile. How is her foot feeling? I hope it is healing apace!

    I know that it makes me a bit crazy when people assume that our friends and relatives will be less-than-honest when it comes to reviewing our work, or that we will be less-than-honest when it comes to reviewing works by our friends and relatives. It must be the ones who say that who do so, because I am always honest about my opinions. Otherwise I wouldn’t be a good editor and reviewer, would I? Nor would I be a particularly good person. True, I try to be tactful, not just say “what a stinky pile of chee!” but that doesn’t mean I’m not honest.

    You have a wonderful family, Mr. Scalzi!

  10. It is really near to be able to read posts and comments by people who, by and large, are so warm and caring. I send my best wishes to the family Scalzi and their lovely friends and fans.

  11. John so does that mean that you would not write something that Krissy would not like? In terms of a theme or Genre? Eg if I went that route with my wife I would not be able to write hard sci fi or a book about fishing.

    Or is Krissy because of her relationship able to read past the theme genre and still enjoy that you have written it?

    I think that makes sense.

  12. John, I sure as hell hope that you know something about quantum mechanics that we don’t so that you can actually pull off that “sooner than pretty soon” thing….

  13. @Patrick Cleary What would make Krissy really bad-ass is if she felt she needed to use it to thump sense into people. Let’s hope that never happens.

    And John? “ARGH!” You’re enjoying torturing this reader waiting to see the book, aren’t you?

  14. “Pretty soon” doesn’t work when I’m eagerly anticipating something I’d like.

    That’s an ugly soon. I don’t find that soon attractive at all.

  15. will you publish the first couple of chapters here on youre blog? if yes when? cant wait to read it.


  16. Amazon has the hardcover up as well as the individual chapters as separate eBooks (pre-orders). I’m hoping there will be a eBook of the whole book (vs. the eBook-lets of the individual tales).