A Very Scalzi Christmas

I’ve been known, during the holiday season, to write up a holiday-themed piece or two for the amusement of those who visit the site. This year I’m officially giving these pieces a permanent home of their own. Henceforth, this page will house links to the various holiday bits I’ve written over the years. When I write new ones, they’ll be linked to from here as well. It’s all your Scalzi holiday festiveness, in one place! It’s a veritable holiday fruitcake of fun.

Here are the pieces by the year they were originally written.


The Ten Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time: From the Algonquin Round Table Christmas to Christmas With the Nuge, these are the specials that weren’t so special.

Sarah’s Sister: A holiday story written for the expressed purpose of making my mother-in-law cry. It worked. You have been warned.

Jackie Jones and Melrose Mandy: A long holiday poem that asks whether getting what we think we want for Christmas is really what we want after all.


Interview With the Nativity Innkeeper: The man behind the manger speaks.

Interview With the Christmas Bunny: Santa’s got some competition.


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Holiday Music: The “true” secrets behind such seasonal hits as “The Little Drummer Boy” and “Feliz Navidad,” among several others. You’ll learn things here you can’t learn anywhere else!

Enjoy, and happy holidays.

8 Comments on “A Very Scalzi Christmas”

  1. I searched “poem” to see what else you’ve got. You’re not a half-bad poet. Still a better novelist and short fiction writer. You’re way less irritating than Christmas carols, though. Hope your December is filled with joy and creative output. Fell free to tell your derelict brain I said it has to get crackin’ so we can have Scalziations to entertain us :)

  2. Nothing reminds me more of the holidays than family stories and the great cheesy music on the radio while driving to said family homes.
    Love your stories!

  3. Thanks! I just did a search yesterday for one of them to link someone to; this will make it easier next time.

    But I suspect November may be upset with you (again) at being left out (again):


    It does tie into Christmas, but of course just go ahead and disappear this if you actually chose not to include A Bitter November.

  4. Man, that’s good stuff! Well worth the reread.
    The holiday specials post claims to be from 2004, incidentally.

  5. Thanks! it was the ‘interview with the innkeeper’ that first brought me here a very nifty bit of writing! I had not been reading SF for a while but looking up your work has gotten me back to it a bit so I’m glad you wrote it.

  6. May I suggest that if people enjoy this, they might also want to read the comic strip/WordPress blog Medium Large, and its’ spin-off Twitter @Angry Santa Elf.

  7. Is Dummer Boy for Drummer Boy intentional? According to Muphry’s Law, I must now also make an errror.

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