The Signination: The Aftermath

As noted, I went down and signed books for people who ordered them through Jay & Mary’s Book Center. There’s part of the stack above. If you’re one of the people who have ordered a book to date, Jay told me to let you know they would be shipped out by Tuesday, which means those of you who celebrate Hanukkah will have it in time for at least part of the holiday. There’s still time to get signed books if you want them, but since I plan to flog that tomorrow, I won’t go into great detail about it now.

I will say I enjoy going into the Jay & Mary’s back room and grabbing a stack of books to personalize. I put on some music and sign away and it goes fairly quickly and pleasantly. After I was done I did a little holiday shopping, which reminded me why I was glad that generally speaking I can do my holiday shopping in the middle of the week when people with real jobs are at work. And now I’m home with tired feet, because holiday shopping wears one out. Yes, I’m soft. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

7 Comments on “The Signination: The Aftermath”

  1. Colin Powell did a book signing at our store when his autobiography, My American Journey, came out in ’96. There were a lot of people (1,000 perhaps?) there for signings. Mr. Powell had a cool way of keeping his pen hand in good shape. He asked one of the store employees for a pitcher of water with ice (we had a cafeteria in the basement). She brought it along with a glass. He saw the glass and said, “Hey, I’m not gonna need that,” then proceeded to plunge his right hand into the pitcher. I think we have a photo of that.

  2. Actually, traditionally, Chanukah Gelt (money for the gentiles among us) was given in the middle of Chanukah. Maybe 4th to 6th day, so plenty of time for books to arrive. Also, the money was given for excelling in study, after the parents review with and/or test the kids on what they’ve studied. Perhaps we ought to be sliding that tradition down our chimneys.

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