Speaking of Books, Here Are the New Books/ARCs at the Scalzi Compound


Look at these books. Just look at them!

See anything in there you have an unreasonable craving for? Share in the comments.

(Also, because the title on the Mark Teppo is not super-clear, it’s called Earth Thirst. You’re welcome)

54 Comments on “Speaking of Books, Here Are the New Books/ARCs at the Scalzi Compound”

  1. The Wild Ways is out in paperback! Yay! That means the ebook price will come down, right?


  2. Ooh, the new Nathaniel Cade! (“Red White & Blood” by Christopher Farnsworth) is one I badly want! Anything by Tanya Huff is on my wishlist, and “Polterheist” looks interesting… well, basically all of them except “The Blood Gospel”, which I already have … X-D

  3. The drowned cities has had my attention for a while now, ever since a frind gave me the first book. My desire to have it has been marginally saited by Cold Days having come out but I plan on getting my grubby fingers on a copy soon


  4. I am full of longing for the Bacigalupi book and while I have not heard of many of the others, I suspect that using your periodic stacks of books to stock my wish list would work out quite well.

  5. Polterheist. Because, thanks to her Big Idea piece here a while ago, I’ve read the rest of the series. (Well, I thought I had, but Wikipedia informs me that I missed one. Oops.)

  6. My One Square Inch of Alaska – love the title, know absolutely nothing about it, now desperately want to read it. *sigh* My TBR is growing…

  7. The Blood Gospel is a new series, but they came out just a few weeks ago with a longish short story as an e-book called City of Screams featuring the same characters. It was terrific. I’m definitely looking forward to The Blood Gospel. And James Rollins is a terrific writer and all-round great guy.

  8. Love Brave New Worlds. It’s actually what formally introduced me to Paolo Bacigalupi (after hearing about him on here for a while).

  9. I picked up Feed a couple of weeks ago on the recommendation of a friend and chewed (ha) through the rest of the Newsflesh series in short order, including the Novella and short stories. A new Mira Grant apocalyptic book (even if not set in that specific universe) is wonderful news, indeed. (although, evidently I will have to get in line behind Pam, Miche, and JimF)

  10. Aw, crap! When Will You Rise is a new collection of “Countdown” and “Apocalypse Scenario No. 683: The Box” (which are great, but I already read them). I guess we’ll have longer to wait for new zombie stories from Mira…

  11. Dead Things!!! February seems so far away! My craving to read this book may, just possibly, be an unholy one, but I defy anyone to read City of the Lost and still call it an unreasonable one.

  12. Brave New Worlds, Polterheist, When Will You Rise & The Wild Ways – all on my To Get List….

    (I’m going to have to rob a bank to clear that list I think…)

  13. Do you know what the difference is between the first and second editions of Brave New Worlds? If so, are you allowed to share?

  14. I don’t recognize any of those. “My One Square Inch of Alaska” is a cool name, though.

  15. I think this is the first time I see books in one of your stacks that I already own. Both When Will You Rise and Polterheist are already on my shelves. I preordered The Drowned Cities, so it should hopefully arrive soon. Other than that, I’ve been meaning to read some Tanya Huff for a while, although I’ll probably get started with some of her earlier books.

  16. I wasn’t aware Laura Resnick’s new Esther Diamond book (Polterheist) was due out. Thanks for the heads up.

  17. Ooo, Brave New World ed. by JJ Adams, very nice. And the Tanya Huff book would be cool as I’ve been wanting to read her for a while now. And Mira Grant’s and Paolo Bacigalupi ‘s books are wrapped for safe reading. That’s very nice of them.

  18. Christian: I have read everything of Tanya’s. She has a series for everyone: vampires & P.I.s, space military, classic fantasy, urban fantasy.

  19. :::slaps own typing fingers:::: I have a dozen books at my bedside. I am not allowed to lust after “Drowned Cities” or anything else right now. Besides, I am busy preparing to bake Schadenfreude TARTS based on your recipe!

  20. The phrase “My One Square Inch of Alaska” transports me back to a kitchen table in the 1950’s, where I’m closely examining an offer on the back of a cereal box. That’s some good title.

  21. Already have Polterheist. Was a quick, fun read.

    The only book I’m looking out for now is the last WoT novel. If that comes in the mail early you can color me green with envy!

  22. That Irene Bradford book looks good but I have had a hankering for a story about dragons. I have been reading Dealing With Dragons: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles to my child but it’s not really scratching that dragon story itch.

  23. I read Polterheist last week and loved it. Each book in that series is better than the one before.

  24. I would take Laura Resnick’s Polterheist. I have read 3 others of that series. Strange. But good strange. I like them.

  25. So glad I bought a 1st edition, 1st print of “Wind Up Girl” when it was released. After reading the first chapter I just knew it was going to be a heck of a book. Now I’m patiently waiting for Xmas, so someone I know has the chance to buy me “Drowned Cities.” So long to wait!

  26. I was thinking, as the page was loading in my browser, about how Whatever keeps us up to date on your work. Which made me think of writers I was not up to date on. I got as far as “I wonder if Tanya Huff has a new…” and then an image of the book materialized in front of me. What a great start to the morning (and the next book order).

  27. Oh, yes, Dead Things! I read City of the Lost last month and can’t wait for the next one.

  28. I read and reviewed Drowned Cities a while ago http://www.darkmatterfanzine.com/dmf/drowned-cities-by-paolo-bacigalupi/ but I don’t have any of the other books in your pile. Where are your *other* piles? In this room alone I have at least 4 TBR piles because one pile would be DANGEROUS. Also because publishers keep sending me review books. I think they like Smokey’s ‘Items Received’ column http://www.darkmatterfanzine.com/dmf/items-received/. Interwebz, cats and books just go so well together.

    I have Cold Days by Butcher in the HC version – it’s going to accompany me to a conference today and tomorrow. I’ll need something to read on the train.

    No sign of Redshirts yet, not sure if I’ll be getting a review copy of that as I would have thought it would have arrived by now :-/

  29. Must be nice, I’m waiting for the Silent Dragon….buy the way, love your books too

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