Meet the Folks at Jay and Mary’s Book Center

You know when you call Jay and Mary’s Book Center to get signed, personalized books from me for the holidays? These are the fine folks who pick up the phone — indeed, that’s Jay right there in the middle. It’s easy to say “support local business” and think of it in the abstract, but in this case when you support this business local to me, these are the actual people you’re supporting. They’re really excellent folks, so I appreciate you doing it.

While we’re on the subject, this is a fine time to remind you that there is still time to get your orders in for signed personalized books from me — eight more days, in fact. Here’s all the details. Give ’em a call and make an order. They’ll be happy to hear from you. And I’ll be happy to sign your books!

8 Comments on “Meet the Folks at Jay and Mary’s Book Center”

  1. Yea for Independant Book Sellers….I will be heading over there this week to finish up the Holiday shopping

  2. We independent booksellers completely adore authors like you, and you are a doll for supporting your hometown peeps.

    Have you read My Bookstore, the wonderful little book of essays just published by Black Dog, where writers gave forth about places like Jay & Mary’s? Forgive me if you were actually a contributor! I’ve only read half the book as yet.

    Here is the IndieBound information link about the title:

    I’m betting that Jay & Mary keep it in stock. :-)

  3. Ha. I literally just got home from there. Got both my daughters gift certificates for their 14th birthday, and tonight was shopping night. No Scalzi product this evening, but they put a hurtin’ on the supply of the “Mortal Instruments” series.

  4. Hello to Brian, Jay, and Kim! Working at J&M’s in high school was a blast. I still pop in when I’m in Troy to say hi to the gang. They’re real pros.

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