Hey Look! The Chicon 7 Opening Ceremonies!

In which I played talk show host! I had my own house band and everything! If you’re interested in just my opening monologue, it starts at about 2:50. But honestly, if you have the time and you’re a science fiction fan, it’s worth it to watch the whole thing, because the interviews with Mike Resnick, Peggy Rae Sapienza, Dave McCarty and more! Seriously, it was a lot of fun, and looking at it now I am immensely relieved I didn’t make an ass of myself.

Thanks to Kevin Standlee for posting this and keeping the camera steady for 78 minutes.

9 Comments on “Hey Look! The Chicon 7 Opening Ceremonies!”

  1. Thanks for posting! It’s making great back ground study noise and brining giggles.

    Also, whhhhhhy were you awake at this hour to be posting?

  2. The real thanks go to my wife, Lisa, who operated the camera under the supervision of her constant companion, Kuma Bear. Chicon 7 was unable to produce official video for hotel-related reasons, but graciously gave our video-production company, Tsuki Systems LLC, access to shoot video in our personal capacities. I’m only sorry that I was unable to get this posted sooner or to include any of the “insert” shots that I took during the ceremony.

    In case anyone wonders, the fade in the middle of the ceremony is because of having to stop briefly to change recording media, since we were recording at the camera’s highest resolution and ran out of room on the first memory stick.

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