In Which Krissy Makes Her Opinion of the “Fake Geek Girl” Accusers Known

Go ahead and tell her she’s a fake geek girl. See where it gets you, nerdburglar.

Also? That shirt she’s wearing? You can get it here. It’s a lovely poke in the eye to certain types.

Update: Give the picture a little more attitude with a caption.

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  1. [Deleted because although I’m sure Dave Robinson probably didn’t intend anything untoward, the comment didn’t quite set the tone I want as the first comment in the thread, especially one featuring a picture of my wife. I acknowledge this is a judgement call and again I’m sure Dave Robinson didn’t mean anything by it — JS]

  2. So…it’s meant for a female to wear (one would assume), yet the sizing on the page you linked to is all “Men’s Size”? Cute. Seems rather ironic, dontchathink?


  3. Also, for a man to wear that would be interesting. For a man to wear that while otherwise in drag…not sure how I feel about that, or how women would, but it certainly…would raise some issues. Or be funny. Or something.

  4. I see that Krissy has The Mallet of Correction – no love there!

    And regarding the size issue, the t-shirt folks are aware:
    “Available in Black, men’s sizes S-3XL. No ladies’ sizes! That’ll show ’em!”

  5. Where’s the plus one on this thing? Thumbs up? Retweet? Karma point up thingy? I want all those fake glasses wearing harlots to know what a true geek woman (no girls that I can see) acts like.

  6. Love the shirt. And the ‘tude. Not loving that the shirt only comes in men’s sizes.

  7. Let me tell you the reason I have no problem with the shirt only being in men’s sizes. I usually swim in a men’s XL, which I like, because they’re comfy. Recently I purchased a women’s XL. It’s TIGHT and TINY. Women’s sizes are ridiculously NOWHERE NEAR a real size comparison to reality.

    Also? Krissy = awesomesauce.

  8. I finally remembered something that’s been clawing at the back of my hindbrain like a hungry cat at 2 AM. The entire idea some people aren’t “real geeks” reminds me of this:,16208/

    (PS: My wife paints minis as a hobby. Way back when we lived in SF, there was a Games Workshop store in one of the downtown shopping centers. She walked in there (sans male dragging her in, apparently a never before seen occurrence in that store), and the clerk looked up, detected she was female, and said, “There’s nothing in here you’re going to want to buy.” Yeah. She’s STILL angry about that, rightfully so, ~10 years later.)

  9. Awesome shirt! But alas, no size charts to be had anywhere. Am I a men’s small? XL? I’ll never know.

  10. Either they thought it was funny to just do the men’s sizes, or they haven’t managed to get the women’s sizes in yet. I like their joking. I can imagine an entire phalanx of women taking those shirts, cutting off the sleeves, cutting a V neckline above the word Fake or a wide scoop line, and trimming off the bottom part to show the navel or tying it up around the waist. Add spandex pants or short shorts, feather boas, beads and of course terrific hats. And zombie make-up. And then they all find Harris, Manning or Peacock and chase them. If anybody does this, film it and put it up on YouTube. We will viral it.

    Also, Krissy is awesome.

  11. “I would wear it, because it would piss off the right people.”

    Seconded. I only wish people who cried “Fake” got an attitude adjustment via sledgehammer each time they spoke. This post made my evening. Off to my own writing! :D

  12. Thank you for the heads up. I love the shirt. Just ordered one.

    Also, in reference to some of the comments, when it comes to t-shirts Men’s indicates a type of cut, not a size. It means it’s standard straight up and down seam on the sides of the shirt and not cut on a curve. There is no reason in the world a woman can not wear a standard cut t-shirt. I have all my life and actually prefer them to the curvy ones, that I think often end up looking too tight on people..

  13. Well, you all know my opinion of the war hammer; it’s cursed. Cursed pronounced with the emphasis on the last ‘e’ just to demonstrate that it really is cursed, which you could probably guess from the fact that it’s covered in mysterious runes even if you did not know its maker.

    There’s a price to be paid for taking up and wielding the cursed war hammer, and I have no doubt that Krissy is the perfect person to ensure that it’s paid by the person she whacks…

  14. I know it’s not Mjolnir, but it sure *looks* like Mjolnir, which not only makes Krissy even more awesome than she actually is, it means that she’s on the same level as Thor and Captain America. If that isn’t serious obscure geek reference, nothing is.

    Also, you should get one of these for Athena. Seriously.

  15. I think wearing a “Fake Geek Girl” T-shirt disqualifies you from being a fake geek girl.

    Also, I’m sure you know this, but you’re a good photographer.

  16. Huh. I would have thought that the fact that “fake geek girls” only exist in the fever dreams of a handful of insecure bigots would have been what would disqualify her from being one. Shows what I know.

  17. Was hoping for many witty captions considering the hilarity of that 500+ thread a week or two ago. But it’s a tough assignment considering who the subject is. OK, here’s my rather lame shot at a caption: “Read my shirt and still don’t get it? What iron-y!

  18. “Women’s sizes” fit me well, and I am not tiny by any stretch. I’m just a pear. Wish they had em, I’d buy this shirt in a heartbeat.

  19. Mac – as one pear to another there is no reason that the shirt, sized as shown, would not fit you.

  20. Most sexy _ever_.
    She was wearing my favorite shirt. Just it.
    She seemed embarrassed about that, didn’t seem to expect my getting home.
    Women can wear men’s shirts.

  21. I couldn’t think of a caption, but the picture did remind me that one of my favorite English words is, “smote”.

  22. Women can wear t-shirts — “regular” ones which get called men’s shirts often annoyingly. This is to separate them from the women’s “babydoll” t-shirts, which indent at the waist, etc. (And how they came up with that stupid name I don’t want to know.) They may have thought doing a “babydoll” shirt was problematic, or just don’t have them yet. A lot of women don’t like regular t-shirts because they find them too bulky. (And others like them because they are not fitted.) If it’s called a men’s shirt, it may be larger than women’s sized “regular” straight line t-shirts. But it might not be, which means some women might order a small and have that be too small a size and some men might order it and have it be too small a size. So, glitches a bit. But still, awesome shirt.

  23. Bleah, no women’s shirts? For curvy women, men’s shirts kind of suck — either it hangs like a tent or it becomes a sausage-casing at breast level and rides up at the hips.

  24. What Susan de Guardiola said. :-) I’ve lived with me a long time, and I know what I look like in men’s T’s re my shoulder-to-waistline ratio (let alone hip), and I don’t want to wear shirts shaped for a man’s (according to garment industry assumption) more straight up-and-down body unless said garment is xtra large, halfway down to my knees, and I am going to sleep in it. Bring on the babydoll. Further, the women’s T’s tend to be made with a fabric that has more stretch and give. (My opinion is obviously tailored to me and not intended to serve a universal purpose.)

    I do know folks of other various sexes, genders and body types who I’m going to rec the shirt to, though.

  25. Is it just me, or does anyone else more-than-occasionally have the thought that Krissy seems to have wandered into reality from a Joss Whedon show?

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