Whatever Careens Wildly Down the Streets of Social Media, Scaring the Cats

In an attempt to curry favor from those of you who live in the shiny new high-rises of Facebook or Tumble more than you visit the decrepit husk of the blogosphere, I have in the last week created accounts for Whatever on Facebook and Tumblr, which will alert you when new entries have been posted here for you to peruse.

Here is Whatever: The Blog on Facebook. Like it!

Here is Whatever Tumblr on Tumblr. Tumble it!

Both of these join Whatever’s Twitter feed, BlogWhatever. Follow it!

Or, you know, you can just show up here on the actual blog if you want to. Hey, I want you to be happy. Pop in however you like, I’ll be doing my thing regardless.

17 Comments on “Whatever Careens Wildly Down the Streets of Social Media, Scaring the Cats”

  1. No worse than I Wendy, because as soon as I saw “Tumble it” I wondered how many people would want to have a “tumble” with Whatever. (Evil K.W is evil)

  2. I do peek into FB from time to time. mostly for family news (secret pages are great for this). Hit you up for a ‘like’, dude. #140. Now you owe me. Whatever.

  3. In your list of ways to follow Whatever, you forgot to mention an ancient and arcane protocol, known by the cryptic name of “email”. It’s so arcane, I can no longer figure out how I signed up to get these messages, so I can’t provide a link. But I swear I do get the messages. It’s not just all in my head. Really!

  4. Aha, if you log in to wordpress.com, you get a dark gray bar at the top of Whatever, with a “Follow…” button on it. I believe that invokes the email subscription.

  5. I give up. Whatever DOES careeen wildly down the streets of social media, scaring the cats? An out-of-control, dog-themed parade float featuring vacuum cleaners and squirt bottles?

  6. I liked Whatever better when it was just an underground website with 40,000 visits per day. SELLOUT!

  7. Call me old-fashioned. I check Whatever (the blog) every day or two. I also follow on Twitter, but going to the blog, reading the posts, and then reading the comment threads is what works for me.

  8. Now followed, liked, and listed everywhere! Damn my blind obedience.

    I’ll continue to follow Whatever via RSS however I don’t mind linking to it everywhere else as a means of helping advertise the site.

  9. So…would you be building a Whatever Google+ Page, or starting a Whatever Google+ Community? The latter seems likely to be more useful, frankly…at least, once they’ve got this whole notification mess sorted out…

  10. Google Reader does already a good job on alerting me about new entries. Nevertheless I’ll click those fancy Like-button just as the voices tell me. >:-o

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