Reminder: Signed Books for the Holiday Orders in by December 12

Remember, folks: If you want to get signed, personalized books from me this fine holiday season, you need to get your orders in to Jay and Mary’s Book Center by close of business, this Wednesday, December 12. After that we can’t guarantee that your orders would arrive in time for Christmas. And then that would be the saddest Christmas of all. Seriously, they’d do a Hallmark Channel movie on it or something. So don’t delay: get your orders in today, or at the very latest Wednesday. Here are all the details

8 Comments on “Reminder: Signed Books for the Holiday Orders in by December 12”

  1. You can make the request if you like, but if you do, tell the J&M people you want “F you, pay me” (i.e., no profanity at the poor store clerks, please) and tell them that you want the actual profanity AND that I said I would do it (identify yourself, in addition to your name, as they guy who comments as “Argon” on my site).

  2. Hello John,

    i read your “10 things teen writes should know” and i have an idea for a book, i would really like to tell you about it and get some feedback from a real writer like yourself. It may be a lot to ask for but if you’d do me the honours i’d be very grateful.

  3. atleast you have a book store in your small town. You used to live in Sterling, VA right John? The last book store in Reston is closing in February. B&N got out bid on the rent by the Container store. :(

  4. Filip:

    There’s no point asking me since I am not a publisher. If you have a book idea you should query agents or publishers. Remember to follow their guidelines before querying, however.

  5. @John

    Thanks for responding so quickly. I am not looking for going into talking to publishers already, it’s just an idea that i’ve developed and need to hear another person’s opinion, not just my friend’s that will tell me it’s good.

  6. “i.e., no profanity at the poor store clerks, please”

    Oh, I never direct profanity at clerks. But right, the store is in Ohio, not NYC. Sorry.

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