Sunday Dog Photo

It’s the dog’s day of rest. Well, every day is a dog’s day of rest. But Sunday even more so.

15 Comments on “Sunday Dog Photo”

  1. janeishly – Writer, editor, Swedish-English and French-English translator. European. Addicted to No Man's Sky and Earl Grey tea (ideally both at once). She/her.

    Another sun dog!

  2. I wrote a short story in High School. A race of intelligent beings send an advance party to a small blue-green planet with the intent of colonizing and exploiting it. They lose contact with the advance party, time passes. They finally send a search party looking to see why they have not heard from the first group. When they get here these beings find that the advance party has it pretty good; the locals feed them & shelter them and take them for walks – heck they even pick up their poop for them!! The message is sent to the rescue party “You screw this up for us & your dead meat!”

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