Sunset, 12/16/12

This is what I think sunset would look like every night, if I lived on a gas giant.

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  1. If circumstances ever preclude your writing career, clearly you have a pretty good shot (no pun intended) at becoming a professional photographer. Lovely pic, as ever!


  2. Except for the bit about what layer of gas would you be in? Living space on a gas giant would be in three dimensions rather than two. I imagine that sunsets would look considerably different depending on what strata you were in.

  3. Sunsets look like that every night in most of the places that border the Rockies (probably other mountains too, but the Colorado/New Mexico Rockies are the only big mountain range I am familiar with). Looks like most of the sunsets in the Denver area. I see Jackson@10:12 agrees.

  4. John:
    I grew up in Odessa Texas, a place Larry McMurtry called the ugliest fucking place on the planet. He was mostly right but when the weather was just right those Oranges you have in that picture would go from the Sunset horizon all the way back to the one behind you. If you would drive 30 or 40 minutes out in the oilfields it was so flat the joke was you could see for 20 miles and if you stood on a tuna can, you could see for 30. It was so orange everything glowed even your skin. It was like the whole world was lit by a giant plasma torch. Come to think of it, I guess it is. Thanks for the reminder.

    Eric in Austin

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